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bubble gum weed

Bubble gum weed

Bubblegum is first of very delicious. The taste of yummy bubblegum will fill the throat with the inhale making the inhale very smooth and relaxing. This is a take-it-easy weed that won’t come on too hard. It has a balance of stimulation which will lift your mood and make you feel comfortable, warm, and giggly, and also relaxation which will allow you to get into the flow and be natural. You will find yourself being pleasant and nice to those around you.

Bubblegum weed is good for insomnia. It has a balance of stimulation and relaxation which will yield to sleep in the later hours of the day.

Critical mass may be susceptible to:

Bubblegum medical cannabis has THC levels from 13 to 19 percent. This makes it a good strain for beginners as the smoke will be easy and the high will not be overstimulating. Bubblegum is also well-liked by novices due to its candy flavor which makes it easy to tackle. It is often recommended for chronic stress as its relaxing effects can melt away the worries and little aches and pains which accumulate over a day of hard work. Chronic stress sometimes presents as anxiety and depression for which Bubblegum strain’s euphoric effects can be a welcome break. It can also ease the psychomotor agitation bought on by conditions of ADD and ADHD.
The Bubblegum plants are of medium height. These plants are bright green, with heavy white trichomes, and orange pistils and stigmas. They are wide plants with bright colors advertising its health and wealth of cannabinoids. Bubblegum is known for its sweet, bubblegum fragrance and flavor. It has been described as sweet, fruity, berries, candy, and creamy.
Competent cultivators will find these plants easy to grow indoors. You may want to use a grow tent. Cultivators may use 5-gallon buckets with overflow holes in the bottom to hold the organic soil, a fertilizer such as Flower Power, and your seeds or cuttings, which can be ordered from a vendor by mail, according to your jurisdiction’s laws. Next, you will need a lighting source. High-Intensity Discharge lamps are a great choice with a full spectrum of lighting capability. Next, choose a watering schedule. You can maintain a dry environment using proper ventilation, a fan, and an exhaust port. These plants need seven to nine weeks to flower. When the time comes, you can induce flowering with a lighting schedule recommended by your seed vendor, such as 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark. Once your buds flower, you are ready to harvest and dry.
Growing weed from Bubblegum cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively easy. A sunny, warm, dry, Mediterranean environment is required. Bubblegum marijuana strain plants are resilient but can be susceptible to rot and mold if exposed to moisture in the environment. Therefore, these plants are recommended to be grown indoors.

  • bacteria
  • insects
  • mechanical damage
  • mildew
  • mites
  • spiders
  • viruses

Growing outdoors is also a possibility, but the plants have to be kept away from high humidity, rains, and flooding. They are susceptible to molding when they are wet or to succumbing to rot.

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