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bruce sherbert

Bruce sherbert

Leone: It goes without saying Bruce Sherbet is internationally known for being phenomenal at his work. I think he’s being railroaded. It’s hard to say why. It looks on the surface as though Clay Jenkins is doing John Wiley Price’s bidding and that’s very disconcerting.

Dallas, TX – A bipartisan crowd grew angry Friday as Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins convened a closed door meeting and accepted the resignation of elections administrator Bruce Sherbet.
Republican Party Chair Jonathan Neerman doesn’t buy Jenkins explanation.

Neerman: There was no performance review of Bruce Sherbet.
Sherbet says he resigned his job of 24 years on Thursday because Jenkins and County Commissioner John Wiley Price were working behind the scenes to replace him and Sherbet didn’t want to work in a hostile environment.
Neerman: That we have a meeting with four days notice, no performance review of Mr. Sherbet, and now Judge Jenkins has taken the incredible position that this is somehow Bruce’s fault I find shameful.
The three democrats and two republicans on the county commission must approve or reject the Sherbet decision.
As the county GOP chair Neerman often finds himself at odds with the county’s democratic chair Darlene Ewing. In this case, however, Neerman and Ewing, also in the meeting, voted to allow Sherbet to withdraw his resignation and keep his job. They were outgunned.

Jenkins: The meeting was held to do a performance review of a department head has not been reviewed in 24 years. The meeting was not held of fire Mr. Sherbet. He resigned in the media Wednesday and gave us a resignation the following day.

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