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brothers grimm seeds review

Brothers grimm seeds review

Cinderella 99 is one of Brothers Grimm Seeds most sough-after strains

In this way, and thanks to the breeding technique called cubing (or triple backcross) they soon had a nice collection of stable, quality genetics. In some cases, they came from bagseed found in dried buds, as is the case of Princess, Café Girl or Genius. Indeed, these three parents used by Brothers Grimm Seeds actually came from seeds found in a Jack Herer bag purchased by MrSoul himself in 1997 at the “Sensi Smile Coffeeshop”, in Amsterdam. Ultimately, these plants where used as main parents to create Cinderella 99 (Princess), Rosetta Stone (Café Girl) and the Apollo line (Genius).
The amazing Rosetta Stone by Brothers Grimm Seeds

The history of this North American cannabis seed company Brothers Grimm is quite uncommon, especially if we take into account the huge success of their strains since they were first introduced in the market in 1996. Indeed, and before their withdrawal from the seed market in 2002, some of their genetics had already become true classics in the cannabis scene, with names that will surely sound familiar to you: Cinderella 99, Apollo 13, Killer Queen or Rosetta Stone just to name a few. Over time, this varieties have also become the baselines for many other hybrids from breeders across the globe.
Brothers Grimm Seeds, living history of cannabis breeding
The number of awards won by both Brothers Grimm Seeds varieties and other strains developed from their genetics is simply astounding. But, how did it all started? Let’s take a look now at the origins of this company, their flagship genetics and, of course, the exclusive interview with MrSoul!
When things seemed to work nicely, with a young seed company with impecable reputation in the marijuana community, MrSoul and Sly had to cease their activity for safety reasons. From there on, MrSoul tried to establish his business – without success – in places like Belgium, and it wasn’t until 2015 that he finally found a place in Colorado to develop his strains (mostly regular seeds) with his partner Duke Diamond.
Brothers Grimm Seeds genetics stand out for their excellent quality

  • A – After creating one of the most reputed seed banks of its time, you suddenly had to cease your activity. How did you cope with that? Was it really that hard to find another place to continue your work?
  • MrSoul – I was not unhappy during the time away from growing and breeding because I had family and another vocation to lean on. It felt very strange however, I kept asking myself…” Why are you shutting down the money generator?” I moved to Europe in 2002 with hopes I’d find another growing facility but it didn’t materialize after 2 years. I then returned to USA to work as an engineer until 2015 when I realized it would be possible to reopen Brothers Grimm Seeds in a legal state, so I went to Colorado.
  • A – I guess you must be pleased with the current situation in Colorado and other states of the USA but. how do you think the current situation could be further improved for growers, retailers and users?
  • MrSoul – Well in USA I see the major problem is the classification of Cannabis as a Schedule1 drug and the fact that it remains Federally illegal despite individual states declaring it leagal. That has to change ASAP for real legalization to be enacted.
  • A – You developed C-99 from Princess and Shiva Skunk. what about the new version? Is it true that you used Princess and C-99 as parents?
  • MrSoul – The Shiva Skunk was only used as the male in the P50 generation. The final “formula” to create C99 is Princess x C94 – which is why the “new version” isn’t a new version it is EXACTLY the SAME as in 1999.
  • A – As you already know, I’m a great fan of Rosetta Stone, so I must ask. are you still keeping the original Café Girl? And the White Widow male? How have you developed the new Rosetta Stone?
  • MrSoul – The Café Girl was culled in 2001, as was the White Widow. The New Rosetta Stone is far superior to the original. It’s a cross of Jack Herer to P75. And the feminized version is Jack Herer x C99 reversed.
  • A – And what can you tell us about Killer Queen?
  • MrSoul – Killer Queen is Airborne G13 x C99 – what do you want to know that isn’t in the description on the website?

Soon after their entry into the cannabis seed market in 1996, Brothers Grimm Seeds quickly became a reference for both growers and breeders. After cea