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borderliner strain

Anyway. if it was so good. why have we not heard more about it. Sounds like an interesting breed for crossing with. Hmmm. Border x G13 x ghost cut and backed to the Border or the ghost. depending on the F1 results. This could be interesting!

High yield/ great buzz strains
750 grm per M sq would be an optimum amount under perfect conditions.
G13 Neville’s cut will do the same if not better.
Both would need to be a SOG, flowered at 8-10 inch’s and under high watt lighting. So then you would need a lot of beans to do it right. Mmmm, finish height would be in the 20-24″ area for the G13. For the Borderliner, being a pure landrace Indica. you would have to flower at around 12-14″ maybe even 16″ for the same yield rate as the G13.

Kushage from TH is good too! L-O-N-G lasting buzz
same for

Exodus Cheese from Kaliman or Skunk #1 from Sensi seeds (same thing but different pheno) are old school but would fit here.
You may find that there are more then you think might fit. You will find that others and some that are not big yielders have better high’s.
THC content does not make it the best buzz. Most of the super high thc content strains are not the best yielders.
There are a cpl of AK47/WW crosses out there Kalishnakova From GHS and Osirus from Pyramid seeds both do well here.
Black Russian by Delicious seeds is a heavy yielder with high potency! It reminds me of Amnesia Haze as it too, can cause you to actually forget what your talking about mid sentence! Good stuff!
S.A.G.E. & sour from TH seeds works

G13 (Neville’s cut) from Dr Greenthumb
Irainian – G13 from Dr Greenthumb would be your 2 best choices if you have growing experience for yields/strength..

Just wondering if anyone here has ever grown the BORDERLINER XTRM strain??? I'm looking at buyn the seeds,i was impressed by reading up on the…