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bong water tea

This is for the people who like to take their taste buds out for a little treat every once in a while.
One thing to remember if you’re using this is to clean up your bong well after you’re done, as most flavorings contain taste-enhancing ingredients like sugar, and might make your bong sticky and dirty.
An alternative to hot tea—if you feel like you might want to chill out a little—is iced tea. You can even try ice water to switch it up a little.
Switching your bong water out with different types of liquids can make your weed taste way better.
Ice water or iced tea are said to make your hits ultra-smooth by cooling the smoke while it’s being filtered. It also enhances the taste of cannabis.
To use tea as a bong water alternative, boil some water and use regular teabags to make black tea. Next, pour it into your bong.
Tea jazzes up a traditional bong experience and gives it a new spin. One of the reasons for this is that the heat from the tea, as opposed to the room temperature tap water, helps a user take smoother and longer hits.
When using tea in place of water, make sure you’re using a utensil that you know can handle the heat. If you’re using a plastic bong, you’re likely to inhale plastic fumes that are dangerous to your health.
If you’re looking for a heat resistant bong, try this high-quality 11.5” glass bong.
Switching your bong water out with different types of liquids can make your weed taste way better. Standard bong water is none more than tap water at room temperature. It’s used because it helps filter toxins out as you smoke cannabis, while, at the same time, facilitating a good smoking experience. Recently, however,
Bong water tea
Who doesn’t like ripping a nice bong!? If you’re looking to add some more magic to your next smoking session, then these 9 bong water alternatives are an excellent place to start.
Smoking a bong is one of the most beloved ways to enjoy cannabis. No wonder, as a bong can get you high like nothing else, while still providing a nice, smooth hit. On the other hand, even the tried and true classics can use some spicing up once in a while to keep them exciting and fresh. Have you ever tried giving your bong water a tasty twist?
This one won’t add any flavour to your water, but it will make it look cool as hell. Add a festive 420 green or a holiday red hue to your water and impress your stoner buddies! When adding the drops to your bong water, it’s best to tread lightly here; not for safety reasons, but because going too dark runs the risk of staining your bong. As such, it’s best to use it sparingly. Nevertheless, it’s always a fun and artsy way to make the bong-ripping experience that much more special.
To infuse water with your flavour of choice, it’s best to cut your ingredients into small pieces. Add the fruit pieces, peels, or leaves to a carafe with cold water and allow the water to infuse for several hours in your fridge—best if left overnight. As mentioned, ice cubes always help round out the bong-smoking experience, but some folks choose to use hot water instead. Try both out to see what you like best!
Essential oils are key in aromatherapy, and offer a host of benefits with their terpene-rich contents. Adding a drop or two of peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender to your bong water can make for a smooth and soothing experience. Just make sure not to add too much; essential oils are very concentrated and are best used to add just a hint of flavour.
• Infused water
Wine, however, is an exception as its alcohol content is rather low. If you want to rip a bong using wine, try sweet, medium-bodied red wines like Malbec. For an extra exciting note, try sparkling red wine such as Lambrusco. The carbonation of the Lambrusco gives your smoke a nice fizzy feel in addition to the distinguished taste of the wine.
• Gatorade
For the best experience and a smooth smoke, you may also want to add plenty of ice cubes to your juice as well. What could be better on a hot summer day than a bong with some good weed and ice-cold, fruity-fresh juice?
Learn how to add an exciting twist to your bong-ripping experience with these 9 bong water alternatives. Which one is your favourite?