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bog seeds for sale

Bog seeds for sale

Lifesaver is another early BOG Strain that has incredible genetics. Lifesaver has a candy taste like a roll of lifesaver candy and it is very medical like my Sour Bubble. This strain is completely unique in my line up with a rare Jack’s Cleaner crossed to a nice yielding blueberry. I realized the numbing effects early on when my teeth numbed after smoking some. I had forgotten to take my pain meds and I had no pain. A great yielding indoor plant and a huge monster when grown outdoors.​ Potent, Relaxing, Good Pain Killer,Sleep Aid, and Good Yielder.

Flowering Time: 48 – 53 days
Flowering Time: 49 – 55 days

Sour L.S.D. my L.S.D. X with my Sour Bubble tends toward the indica side compared to L.S.D. Shorter fat bushes with huge fat colas outdoors. Very potent, less mold resistant than L.S.D., but finishes faster. Great for greenhouse grows.​ A Potent, Large Cola Bush, Great Yields,
Wicked High.
Bogglegum (BOG Bubble x Northern Lights #5)
A new improved version of my Bogglegum that was crossed to my Sour Bubble. This remains a tasty, high yielder like Bogglegum, but the potency is way up with the Sour Bubble. A very tasty strain for indoors or out. This strain has a grape bubba kush flavor.​ High Yielding and Tasty Bush, Orange and Grape Flavors.
Flowering Time: 63-70 days, if outdr: Mid-End Oct
Blue Moon Rocks (aka BMR)

Blue Kush (Blue Moon Rocks x Bog’s Sour Bubble)

Bog seeds for sale Blue Kush