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bodhi seeds california

Bodhi seeds california

With 11 first-place Cannabis Cup wins, seven second-place awards and four third-place wins since 2012, Exotic Genetix show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With their newest release of The Cube (Starfighter F1 x Starfighter IX2) and several new Cube crosses, expect to see many growers in 2017 pumping out some serious heat!

Exotic Genetix started up in 2008 and have dominated the last decade with some phenomenal strains. Much of their success has come from their Kimbo Kush and Cookies and Cream. If it wasn’t for the man known as “Backwood County Grower” somewhere up in NorCal with the original F1 seed stock of the Alien line (straight from the person who sourced it from Afghanistan), many seed companies wouldn’t be where they are today.
Since their first release with Attitude Seed Bank in 2010, Gage Green Group (GGG) have been slowly building a demand for their gear from growers in the know. Their Mendo Breath boasts the biggest popularity to date, but you can’t go wrong with anything they produce, including their incredible recent Cannabis Cup winner Grape Stomper. Founders Keyplay and M4k started the group in a sincere attempt to improve the cannabis gene pool with their natural breeding techniques, including selecting only the finest cultivars to ensure the highest quality.

This collective of farmers from Northern California have decades of experience and the strains to prove it, racking up dozens of awards over the last few years. They made their name with the indica-dominant Zkittlez strain, which has won many prizes for flowers and concentrates due to its unique tropical-candy flavor and uplifting buzz.
2007: The First 10 (plus five pioneers no longer in business)
This crew is also known for their OG Eddy Lepp strain and the inimitable Rosé with the flavor and fragrance of berries and flowers. The trichome production and terpene profiles of these varieties make them ideal for concentrate production. Two new strains called the OZ Kush and Hot Lixz, both released in 2015, also helped propel the 3rd Gen Fam to prominence in the eyes of growers and smokers. If you’re on a “terp quest” and pheno-hunting for some unique, sweet-and-fruity aromas and flavors, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a pack of beans from this reliable group of breeders.
Since 2008, Crockett has been known for two incredibly popular cultivars that have won many awards over the past few years both for Crockett himself and others using his genetics: We’re talking, of course, of the Tangie and Strawberry Banana. These terped-out powerhouses have many people head over heels for Crockett’s crazy flavors in both flower and concentrate form. The now-legendary Tangie alone has won some two dozen prizes worldwide!
Star Dawg – Top Dawg Seeds

“I would like to thank JoeB, PBud, Chemdog, the Weasel, SkunkVA, SI Pete, Money Mike, High Times and everyone in the Chem Family who preserved and shared the Chem lines. Without your contributions, this wouldn’t be possible for me. Chem Family Forever!” —JJNYC

We’re excited to be adding another 10 seed companies to our illustrious list of the world’s best pot breeders. Behold the High Times Cannabis Cup winners with p

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