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blunt wraps at gas stations

yessir, though i prefer joint and bowl over blunt, a dutch to me is better than philly, swisher, game, or anything else, when at the counter just ask for a koniak mini dutch, slice it open, roll it up, and have a good time 🙂

Ask for blunt wraps at the gas station with blunt wraps.
Just ask for a blunt wrap at a place that has them. They aren’t only for weed, and the person selling them probably wouldn’t care if they were.

I would just like to chime in as an east-coaster. There are few things better than a properly rolled Dutch Master. Properly rolled, of course, is the difficult part (and, I would imagine, the reason more don’t roll Dutches).
If rolled and smoked properly, blunts are just as efficient as a joint, but they do take a lot more trees to roll (2-3 grams vs .5-1 gram) so if you mess it up, you lose more. Like a cigar, a properly rolled blunt will burn nice and slow for close to or more than an hour if done right, but just like cigars, the end can/will turn into an ugly brown gooey mess and prevent you from finishing the blunt. If you’re not a tobacco/cigar smoker, it’s also a lot of nicotine to be inhaling and getting on your lips. Side effects can be unpleasant.
They do waste weed because once you light them, they keep burning.
Protip: Use the stream from a kettle or a boiling pot of water to soften up dried out and brittle tobacco leaf to make it easier to roll. A few seconds in the steam is all it takes.
Also, do they conserve/waste weed? I’d feel like a classy motherfucker with a blunt, and would enjoy the slower burn, but I’m poor.

Head shop: just ask for blunt wraps, or tobacco paper/leaf wraps if laws are strict in your area.

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Even with all the new high-tech ways to smoke weed, blunts will always remain one of the most OG methods for getting lit.

Blunts are “weed cigars” made by rolling up cannabis flower with cigar wraps. They’ve been around for a long time, but they became incredibly popular in the ‘90s after rappers like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre made them marijuana mainstays in their lyrics.
But what truly makes a blunt isn’t the weed. It’s the wrap. And to ensure you always roll the very best blunts, you need to start with the best wraps, first.

So, about that nicotine thing. A lot of cannabis smokers are current or former cancer patients, and smoking anything that contains nicotine may not be beneficial to their health. Thankfully, there are non-tobacco blunt wraps available, and some of the coolest brands aren’t made with just any kind of paper: These are made from cannabis itself. Just ask Lobo Cannagar, which makes weed cigars rolled into cannabis leaves. Yes, that means you’re smoking a green stogie.
Besides the above mentioned reasons, blunts taste fuckin’ delicious, too. And they burn slowly, meaning your sesh will last longer than it would with a classic pre-roll.
Backwoods Blunts
Hemp wraps are still relatively new, but since they don’t contain nicotine or THC, you can buy them pretty much anywhere (read: gas stations). And in case you’re wondering, yes, they roll into blunts just as easily as tobacco wraps.
Swisher Sweets come in a variety of flavors, but the original vibes best with most strains. It tastes like a normal cigar dipped in sugar, which is especially dope as you approach the end of the sesh and the bitter weed tar starts gunking up the blunt.

Dutch Master

Even with all the new high-tech ways to smoke weed, blunts will always remain one of the most OG methods for getting lit.