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blueberry weed pictures

Blueberry weed pictures

During the 90’s DJ Short travelled to Europe and worked with several seedbanks. Around 1993 he started working with the Sagarmatha Seed Company, and by 1995 he was supplying this seedbank with seeds for sale and breeding projects. Sagarmatha seedbank still sells seeds from the Blue line, like Blueberry Bud or Flow.However, the relationship did not last much and DJ Short started working with another seedbank, Dutch Passion.

If you are looking for fruity and sweet flavours different from the sweet Skunks, you should give the Blue family a try. You won’t be disappointed!
From this point, DJ Short continued his breeding projects and also shared his genetics with other seedbanks, thus creating the Blue family, composed of hundreds of cannabis strains.

Dutch Passion’s Blueberry (Photo:
Original Flo from Dutch Passion
There are plenty of seedbanks offering cannabis seeds with Blueberry genes, such as the Blue Fruit from Dinafem, Bluehell from Medical Seeds or Kannabia’s Original Berry. The Blue Satellite #2.2 and the Sweet Blue, both from Spice of Life, have also Blueberry genes, as happens with the Blue Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds, Dinafem’s Blue Widow, the Missing from Eva Seeds, White Berry from Paradise Seeds, Blue Rhino from Positronics, the exquisite Kalijah from Reggae Seeds and many, many more.
After a hard work of breeding, DJ Short finally developed his two best known strains: the Flo and the Blueberry. The Flo is a hybrid between Purple Thai and the Afghani male, while the Bueberry ia a cross between the Flo and the Highland Thai “Juicy Fruit”. In this way, the Blueberry has genes from the two best Sativas that he found and also genes from the valued Afghani male.
Blueberry cannabis plant in Jamaica (Photo:

The renowned Blueberry cannabis strain – and the Blue family created from it – was developed in the USA sometime during the 70’s by breeder DJ Short.

The Blueberry has become one of the most popular cannabis strains around the world. Developed during the 70’s in the USA by DJ Short, hundreds of hybr