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A little prior experience in planting cannabis comes in handy when cultivating Blueberry Diesel. It produces dense buds covered with thin hairs and trichome. Unfortunately, the plant is clone-only at this time. For those fortunate enough to obtain some clippings, they can choose to grow it indoors or outdoors. In either environment, it should thrive well.
Among the top reasons why medical cannabis users choose Blueberry Diesel is its ability to reduce stress. Mostly, it is due to the combined effects of the Sativa and Indica sides. Putting people in a state of relaxation even as it uplifts the spirit, it also becomes useful for people with depression and other mental disorders including depression and anxiety. A side benefit of feeling at ease is that somehow, it may also act as a pain reliever for mild cases.

From Blueberry and Sour Diesel, the strain inherited its aroma and many other traits that made them famous worldwide. Hence, users can expect being uplifted and put into a deep relaxation.
Much like people, each strain also has different stories and a history that makes it interesting for its users. Some may be intrigued by its effects, genetic lineage, flavors, or even its appearance. Others may have a preference for those which has won awards. Catchy or mysterious sounding names may arouse curiosity. Regardless, each strain has a backstory, so too does the Blueberry Diesel strain.
Even though the strain delivers mild effects, it does not mean that there are no adverse reactions. Like others, it causes people to have dry mouth and eyes.
As alluded to earlier, the influence of both the parent strains is evident. Its buds emit the scent of blueberry and fuel that becomes pungent once these nugs are broken. It is also accompanied by a skunky note. Upon smoking, there is a sweet and sour aftertaste that most people should find pleasant.
At any rate, these unwanted reactions are temporary and do not cause harm. But they can be annoying depending on the severity. As a rule, the symptoms become more pronounced as users use more.

by Bonza · Published November 14, 2017 · Updated January 29, 2020

Blueberry Diesel, an Indica dominant cross between Sour Diesel and Blueberry is known for its euphoric high and reducing muscle tension.