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blueberry punch strain

Blueberry punch strain

Created by breeder Ken Estes, Ken’s Granddaddy Purple differs from most GDP cuts. Ken’s GDP has been crossed back into itself creating a more potent, effective and robust strain.

Tight node spacing and dense bud structure makes up this perfectly balanced hybrid (50% Sativa, 50% Indica)
A cross between Venom OG and Humboldt OG, Venom OG (now renamed Asphalt Plant) is a 50/50 Hybrid strain. The flowers are dense and bright green with protruding bright orange hairs that show purple colors towards the final weeks of flowering. With a piney, lemon aroma reminiscent of diesel and skunk, Venom OG will have you calm and relaxed.

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A hearty Indica dominant strain. Stretchy- and taller than the standard Bubba Kush
A tremendous plant with large dripping colas.
Rock-solid stable F1 hybrid clone-only is easy to grow and has an amazing effect.
This super potent OG Kush hybrid is some of the most desired smoke in California.

Chemdawg meets GSC to create a one-of-a-kind powerhouse yielder with funky garlic terps.

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