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blue auto

Blue auto
Introducing Blue+ our fully integrated online check-in platform.
Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about our rental cars or services. We are happy to help and have less than 24 hour guarantee response rate to any inquiry.
ZERO WAITING TIME at the counter when you check-in online
We at Blue Car Rental set out to provide travellers with the best service possible and we treat them in the same way as we ourselves would want to be treated. Driving around our beautiful island relies heavily on your rental car and with new cars only, yo
Check in online
Our Zero Policy ensures Zero Worries and Maximum Experience when travelling with Blue Car Rental
For a quick and interactive communication, you are welcome to message us on Facebook for information about our rental cars or services. Make sure to check out our lively profile while you’re at it.
ZERO HIDDEN FEES or on-site additional spenditure
Experience Iceland, rent a car from Blue Car Rental at Keflavik International Airport or in Reykjavik. We offer quality service and the best prices.