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blue afghani strain

Blue afghani strain

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In high levels, the same psychoactive compound also relives a myriad of aches and pains. Its natural painkilling properties leaves the body totally relaxed from life’s stressors. And, as tensions release, a heaviness settles in between the limbs. Eventually, it becomes increasingly difficult to say ‘no’ to the drowsiness and users are left deep asleep to wake up feeling fully reinvigorated the next day.
With that said, the high usually starts with a subtle euphoric buzz to the head. It inspires an innate sense of happiness that leaves users feeling quite upbeat. In fact, most people turn talkative as the cerebral effects persist thus making it a great recreational choice. Although, there is the added possibility that one may become too chatty when used a little over excess.

Dryness is a non-negotiable when it comes to smoking marijuana. This is because, regardless of the strain, cannabinoids will interfere with the body’s natural ability to produce moisture thus resulting in a cottonmouth and red eyes. A rarer experience is a keen sensitivity toward one’s surroundings which can cause a mild bout of anxiety or a subtle feeling of paranoia. Users who are more susceptible to such conditions should start with a low dose before gradually building it up.
Growers may also opt to cultivate the strain in a more controllable environment where adjusting factors like lighting, temperature, and humidity is convenient. However, pruning becomes more of a necessity in such conditions. The lack of an open space makes it difficult for air and light to circulate evenly. By cutting away parts, nutrients are distributed better too.
Drawn in, Blue Afghani delivers a soothing head high with a stress-crushing body buzz. Although heavy-hitting when used beyond tolerance, its effects are mostly cerebral at the onset – even encouraging a chatty nature. Its best trait, however, is its performance as a breeding strain. It is not only sturdy, but also fast-flowering with buds that bring out a light streak of purple and blue.
Indica-dominant strains are slow starters and Blue Afghani is no different. Even after taking three to five puffs, its effects do not manifest. This should serve as a warning to users toking the strain for the first time. Its THC levels can be a modest 15%, at times, but it can reach as high as 19% which is potent enough to overwhelm users. As such, it is important to exercise caution.
After a few hours, a tingling sensation trickles down from the temples. It surges through the muscles, untying knots in its wake. In spite of its intensity, it is kept at bay by the cerebral onset which continues to persist. Instead, users are only treated to a deeply relaxing body buzz.

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Blue Afghani, it is kept at bay by the cerebral onset which continues to persist. Instead, users are only treated to a deeply relaxing body buzz.