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blowing os

Second Step!
Everyone has a different O face, so it might take a second to fine tune yours. But for the most part every o face should look like this! If you have trouble with the sizing you can always use a 30mL bottle as size reference for your mouth. Another important note is to tighten your lips and curve it inwards

Remember to start off slowly. And work your way there. It took me a while to blow some rings, but over some time its like second nature to me. Its best to have clean o’s than messy os, so work on the quality first, before you start spamming os.
Third Step!
The cough is kinda hard to explain. You are going to have to practice this a bit to get used to it. It’s like a slight cough, you might’ve heard it in a couple of videos, but it sounds like this. Also with the cough keep the end of it short. If you are into music and you know what staccato is, that’s a great example. But you want to keep it short and cut it off abruptly.

There are three different ways on how to blow o’s. You can use the tongue method, coughing method, and the jaw method. Today we are going to focus on the coughing method because that’s the best method that i have found that works as the foundation of most vape tricks.
In this video i’m going to teach you how to blow o’s
By the end of this video you will you will have the foundation of most vape tricks down
Many people have asked me how to blow o’s, so i’m going to make a video explaining everything i have learned.
If your os aren’t traveling far you are going to want to emphasize the cough a little bit more like this.
First Step!
You need to take a LUNG hit from your vape. Not the mouth hit that you do for the french inhale.
Exhale a little bit of the vapor because when you start blowing your rings, it will start off thicker.
Also remember everyone is different and has their own style, so mess around a little bit until you find out what works best for you. Just keep practicing. If you’re vaping and the room is pretty still, why not try to pop out a ring because you’re exhaling anyway, so why not try learning?

Blow O’s Vape Trick Tutorial 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial
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