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blackwater og kush

Blackwater og kush
These round crystal-coated buds take on the best traits from both parent strains and help medical cannabis patients with a wide-variety of physical and mental ailments .
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Blackwater OG Results: 17% THC, 0.04% CBD, 0.04% CBN
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For growers, Blackwater OG has potential to find a place in the most advanced or novice gardens. There are a few phenotypes of this strain, but the most desirable will have a dense OG Kush bud structure , with dark purple colors appearing late in flowering as nighttime temperatures slowly drop.
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Most cannabis users find that Blackwater OG is one of the few “night-time only” strains due to its narcotic, sleep-inducing buzz. It’s perfect for medicinal cannabis patients who need a strain that will promptly provide sleep-aide, appetite stimulation, and pain-relief.
The vapor and smoke of this strain will linger in an enclosed space for quite some time and will leave a floral, incense smell that is oddly reminiscent of the ever so popular Nag-Champa fragrance.
For California cannabis patients, a recommended dose for flowers is anywhere from 0.08 grams to 0.25 grams, depending on the patient’s tolerance and the THC content of the strain. Bud Genius has consistently found that Blackwater OG tests around 18.5%-22% THC (which is fairly high), so a proper dose would likely be in the lower range of the above recommendation.
An in-depth review of Blackwater OG, cultivated by the Cali Connection. Learn about this strain's appearance, taste, smell, potency and more (with pictures)