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blackberry cannabis seeds

The laconic taste contrasted with its effect is worthy of mention! Relaxing, this descendant of Afghani is mainly composed of Indica. An adult plant obtained from Blackberry Kush seeds has an average growth rate and is easy to grow, mainly indoors. Now, oranges will not be the only fruits in your diet!

Blackberry Kush seeds grow into low plants with a slightly loose structure. The phenotype manifests itself, in a manner rather characteristic of one of its progenitors — DJ Short’s Blueberry strain. After nurturing this plant, purple leaves and buds will appear as growing this fast-flowering marijuana strain is easy. It is quite alright to give this plant the cold shoulder when it comes to night time.
The smoke of the Blackberry Kush seeds plant is so smooth and flavorous you could make a milkshake with it. Rest assured, the coughing attack has been canceled! This cannabis seeds offspring gained fame, not only because of the taste and sweet aroma, reminiscent of sweet berries with very suitable hints of spices and diesel. Blackberry Kush is known for its unique and truly calming high, with a slice of elevation.

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Open soil will have a slightly worse effect on Blackberry Kush seeds than the indoor growing system. However, warmth and sun will work its magic to supply you with nearly 30 ounces of berry-flavored buds per plant. If you are looking for fast-flowering strains with a typical flowering period of seven to nine weeks, you should buy Blackberry Kush seeds.
As the source for creating a powerful de-stressing tool, the Blackberry Kush seeds are a must-have for anyone who uses weed for medical purposes. This strain is a killer, say “see ya” to cramps, joint pain or really any kind of physical pain. Doctors will happily advise buying a couple of buds covered in beautiful resin to anyone who is longing to finally get a good night’s sleep.
Like the eponymous shrub, Blackberry Kush is recognizable due to its ability to develop a purple shade of leaves with certain cultivation. Among all the other pleasant effects, in the first place is the powerful, relaxing head trip. These weed seeds grow best indoors but are able to produce happy yields when grown outdoors. It provides a THC level of 16-20%. As is befitting of high-quality seeds, the Blackberry Kush bud cornucopia yields 28 ounces or more per plant. Neat and dense nuggets of this plant will please you with a smooth and aromatic smoke. You will appreciate solid Indica-dominant high after just a few hits.

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Due to the rather high THC content, smoking this strain can cause paranoia in the rarest cases. In addition, dry mouth and a feeling of dehydration are characteristic of this strain. Other side effects tend to be nonexistent.

Blackberry Kush is a feminized strain with a medium yield. Grow difficulty: Easy. Blackberry Kush is a cross of Afghani and Blackberry. Flowering period 7-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.