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black demons slayer

Black demons slayer

Taverley Dungeon — The Black Demon can be found in around five different locations. The first place we will look at is Taverley Dungeon, which can be found just west of the Falador Teleport. You could also create a Taverley Teleport and simply head south, though this will require you to have at least level 10 in construction. Once inside the dungeon, you will want to head south to the Black Demon’s room. This can be found much quicker with agility shortcuts, but you can also head to the Black Knight’s room and receive a Dusty Key after killing black demons an NPC for the Jail Key and promptly talking to the NPC behind the locked door.

So, for a bit of background on the Black Demon, you will find that their combat stats level sits at around 172 and 184, which will depend on where you encounter them. They can be a bit deceiving at first glance. Although they’re certainly among the scarier Runescape monsters, they do not possess abilities such as poison, and they have a max hit of 18. What they do have, however, is a rather persistent method of melee attack. It will take some planning to take down them down. They also have a decent attack speed, and a range of attack styles that you need to be wary of — though their defensive stats are deceptively lower.
Around the southern central area of the dungeon is where you will find the lair of the Black Demon. If you are opting for the safe-spotting method of taking down the demons, you will want to head to the top-right area of the room, as there are a couple of structures that will make it difficult for you to be hit there. If you prefer a more melee approach, however, simply head to the center of the room, just remember to have potions and quick prayers at the ready and switch auto-retaliate on.

The Black Demons can be found in a variety of locations, each of which has multiple access points. They are found in a wide range of dungeons and underground caves that will need navigating to reach the demon’s room. Some of these may require you to complete certain tasks and quests beforehand. These tasks range from finding particular items, accessing certain areas beforehand, and more, so keep this thought in mind as you begin your hunt.
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Also, if you managed to complete the Rum Deal quest, then the Holy Wrench is something that you will want to take with you. The wrench works by adding extra Prayer points for the player when drinking either a prayer potion, a super restore potion or even a Sanfew serum.
Here is my guide on how to kill black demons in OSRS! I show you how to kill a black demon through various armour setups including melee, melee prayer, range, and magic setups. I also show you how to kill black demons at many locations including the Taverley Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Chasm of Fire, and the Edgeville Dungeon (Level 5 wilderness). I hope you enjoy!
Be sure to check out any community forums also if further advice is required on builds, how best to utilize OSRS Gold, and much more. You will eventually discover your own methodology of approaching Old School Runescape and learn the nuances of the builds you like to ultimately make it cater to your personal playstyle. But the most important factor at play when it comes to hunting down the OSRS Black Demon is making sure you are traveling with the correct items. That, and knowing where they can actually be found, of course.

You may have come across the likes of the Abyssal Demon or the Jungle Demon on your travels, but some would argue that the blackened powerhouse is more sought after. To kick off the proceedings, we will layout some information that you will need to know going forward.

The Black Demon is one of the most feared foes in Old School RuneScape. Learn its background, the items you need to fight it, and where you

Black demons slayer

875 coins are required for every entry – this fee is waived once the Hard Karamja tasks are completed.

All Life points: 9,000 Life points: 9,000 All Slayer experience: 294.4 Slayer experience: 294.4 All Combat experience: 661 Combat experience: 661 All Release date: 27 February 2002 Release date: 27 February 2002 All Combat level: 98 Combat level: 98 All Is members only: true Is members only: true All NPC ID: 84 NPC ID1: 84 All NPC ID: 4702 NPC ID2: 4702 All NPC ID: 4703 NPC ID3: 4703 All NPC ID: 4704 NPC ID4: 4704 All NPC ID: 4705 NPC ID5: 4705
Players need 70 Dungeoneering to access the Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon, which works well for melee. There are eight black demons in here. Prayer is highly advised, as there are multiple demons in this area which can potentially deal more damage than you. Using Soul Split to heal the damage taken is highly recommended but not required.

Wear the best Ranged gear available to you. The higher the level of Ranged armour you wear; the better defence will be towards magical monsters such as demons.
Brimhaven Dungeon is also good for fighting black demons – getting in and out is no threat but can be time consuming if you are not using the Dungeoneering cape. A cannon can be used to defeat these demons, but it can also fire at the nearby wild dogs and iron dragons. Karamja lodestone is right outside the dungeon, allowing for quick access. There is another black demon in the same room as the bronze dragons.
For players with 99 Dungeoneering or higher, this location is a great option for killing Black demons, as you can use the perk of the Dungeoneering cape to access the dungeon at anytime or alternatively players can use a hoardstalker ring.
Black demons originate on Infernus, where they were called Alyaroth, as did the other demons seen in Gielinor. They are part of the Avernic race, which were tribal and primitive, and slaves to whoever was ruling Infernus at the time. At the time of Palkeera’s memory of the realm, they were enslaved by the cannibalistic Chthonians, who were unable to consume the Avernics for some reason. Among the Avernic demons, the Tsutsaroth were the dominant tribe, ruling over the Alyaroth and Byzroth in a brutal manner.
This area is located within the Wilderness and is frequented by player killers.
A group of seven black demons can be found in the ruins south of the Demonic Ruins. If the player is killing black demons for a Slayer assignment at this location then they can gain 20% additional Slayer experience by equipping a demonic skull. They can gain another 20% extra experience per kill if they accept a special slayer contract from Erskine while assigned black demons as a Slayer task. These experience bonuses stack, meaning the player may gain 40% extra Slayer experience. Completing a special slayer contract rewards the player with a choice of coins or combat experience.

The nearest banks to Taverley Dungeon are the west Falador bank or Taverley bank, both of which are quite close to the dungeon. The black demons, however, are fairly deep within Taverley Dungeon. This makes for a fairly long journey unless a player has 70 Agility to use the shortcut to the blue dragons, or 80 Agility to use the shortcut to the poison spiders. Alternatively, a player can use 5 dragon trinkets to teleport to the blue dragons. A summer pie may be used to boost agility by 5. If the player does not have the Agility level required to use the shortcuts, a dusty key will be required to access the area. This spot can yield very good Slayer experience on tasks if using a cannon. The best option for banking is using the Taverley Lodestone, and running south to the bank. The Taverley bank is within sight of the dungeon entrance which can be right-clicked to enter from just outside the bank. Other options for fairly quick banking are to teleport to the Castle Wars bank chest and return using the balloon transport system or to Home Teleport to Falador and use the west Falador agility shortcut. This area is usually not recommended due to the long distances involved for players without at least 65 Agility and also uses up an inventory space for the key needed.

Black demons are large demons that inhabit various locations across RuneScape. They use Magic attacks that can hit up to 672. They are stronger than their greater demon cousins and are often assigned by Sumona, Duradel/Lapalok, Kuradal and Morvran as Slayer tasks. Black demons drop infernal…