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billy kimber strain

Billy kimber strain

Billy Kimber’s THC levels average around the high 20 percentile mark and at times can be higher than 30%. Reviewers have said that it’s best to take it slow with this strain as the average serving size they’d used for other strains was usually a bit too for this one.

The scent of Billy Kimber is slightly herbal with hints of sweet lime, similar to watered down limeade as some have put it.
Is Billy Kimber an indica, sativa or hybrid?

What effects does Billy Kimber have?
THC levels of this strain tend to average in the high 20’s and sometimes reach 30% or higher.
Cured nuggets of this strain are a bright neon green in color with yellow hues and amber pistils.
What does Billy Kimber mean?
What are the THC levels of Billy Kimber?

Billy Kimber is a rare west-coast strain that’s renowned for its high THC levels average at the high 20 percentile mark and at times can be above 30%. Consumers say they’ve used it to help with a variety of ailments including insomnia, chronic pain, symptoms of depression, and to help balance mood. Some recreational users have enjoyed it for its tingling sensations and lethargic effects.

Billy Kimber, the OG Kush phenotype and not the fictional character that was a gangster on Peaky Blinders, is an indica-leaning hybrid that’s renowned amongst reviewers for heavy body effects. Some who have have tried it shared that a wave of hefty relaxation caused them to sink into their seat….