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biggest bud ever

Biggest bud ever

Regardless, I vaporized a sample at a few different temperatures (290, 330, 350, and 380 degrees Fahrenheit), and discovered a clean, wintermint initial taste that settled in with the subdued hints of flavors of its Gorilla Glue lineage.

And yep, it got me stoned. Weed does that. With heavier shoulders, and a relaxed slowing-down of the fevered mind, it would be great for those seeking those intentions.
“The general consensus seems to be that the physical limit is gonna be around 35 percent,” he replied. “But we don’t really understand that, or why it is. We’re just guessing. So could a plant get to 37 or 38 percent? Maybe. Probably. Not impossible. It is pretty unlikely, though. The main point here is: Why the fuck would you want a plant that strong? That’s like going to 180 proof from 150.”

It seems 7 Points had similar questions. “For most of our team, a cultivar that hits 30 percent or above is too potent,” they wrote. “And we are big advocates of the concept that THC percentage is only part of the story regarding cannabis. Lesser-known cannabinoids and terpenes play a vital role as well. We acknowledge that THC numbers do matter to consumers in the Oregon recreational market—some look for terpenes, some for THC. As far as we’re concerned, both perspectives are valid.”
But there were some people in the comments section of both posts who had different reactions—angry, accusatory reactions, some of them coming from fellow growers whose underpants had gotten painfully twisted. Their carefully thought-out feedback included accusations that the results were doctored by the lab, that it wasn’t physically possible for a strain to have that much THC, and how the highest THC doesn’t mean the best weed. (To be fair, that last point is spot on.)
There are strains grown by 7 Points and other growers with half this potency that would also do similar things. Getting such a high THC level is a fine achievement, and I’m glad I tried it, but I’d be just as interested in trying a strain that scores, say, the highest recorded terpene levels, for instance.
I viewed all four of the variations of Future that 7 Points harvested during a visit at their lab. All looked like frosty, light-green weed, but their scents varied considerably. Between the four, I was actually least drawn to the nose of the super-potent Future (#1). It’s quite good, but the others better captured my interest and attention.
Before I tried the weed myself, I tried the patience of those involved, along with a big brain regarding bud: Mowgli Holmes, CEO of Phylos Bioscience. “What about the scoffing dismissals that cannabis physically can’t test at 37 percent THC?” I asked Holmes, who actually knows WTF he is talking about in these matters.

My reaction was, “Huh. I bet that’s some strong weed. Good for them.”

7 Points Oregon’s Future (#1) broke lab records for THC content. But strength’s not the only thing that matters.

Biggest bud ever

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