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big buddha seeds

Big buddha seeds

Больше всего он известен по производству печально известной Big Cheese Будды каннабиса штамм! Многие из других штаммов конопли в Big Buddha феминизированные семена конопли диапазон центром, вокруг этого замечательного напряжения.

Особое предложение: 43,05 €
Так же, как Big Cheese Будды, есть и другие известные штаммы, такие как сыр с плесенью, сыр заморозить 89, Chiesel и Bubble сыра, среди прочего, есть также некоторые штаммы в пределах, которые не включают Big Cheese Будды генетики , штаммы, такие как Будда Tahoe, Кали, Будда Haze, и G-Bomb. Есть также несколько семян сейчас Автоцветущие в фантастическом Большой ассортимент семян Будды.

BIG BUDDHA SEEDS банк семян в Великобритании, несмотря на многие из их проектов, осуществляемых в Средиземном море. Большой Будда был частью сцены каннабиса в Великобритании в течение некоторого времени, будучи известен своей колонны в Weed мира.
Обычная цена: 42,50 €
Особое предложение: 29,75 €
Особое предложение: 43,05 €
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Big buddha seeds

Blue Cheese combines the dank tones of Big Buddha Cheese with the delightful fruity twists of Blueberry. Both parents are renowned and award-winning in their own right, and their offspring is no different. The combination of these genetics results in a big, bushy beast that produces amble yields in 8-10 weeks. Her bud produces a classic Cheese flavour with a fruity twist, and she induces a functional and extremely euphoric high.

One of the most popular strains in the UK, Big Buddha Cheese has an unmistakably pungent taste and aroma that pay homage to its name. A crossing of the original and closely guarded Skunk #1 Cheese with an undisclosed Afghani, this indica dominant beauty grows strong, flowers in 7-9 weeks, produces big yields, and is able to relax the body and mind in its entirety, while uplifting mood.

Buddha Haze is a 90% dominant sativa strain with Amnesia, G13, Super Silver Haze and Manga Rosa genetics.
The super intense flavor of Blue Cheese is now available in an autoflowering version thanks to the good folks at Big Buddha seeds. This vigorous grower is ready to harvest in around 10 weeks and produces some of the finest bud imaginable. The potent mix of Indica and sativa pave the way for a super pleasant high.
100% indica, sweet OG Kush variety (Tahoe cut) by Big Buddha Seeds.
Having grown with the clone, and experiencing its quality himself, Milo knew exactly what he had to do – make it available for all the world to enjoy. Thus started Big Buddha Seeds.
Big Buddha Seeds take packaging extremely serious. So much so that they have made a custom package producing machine in-house, and its ability to keep cannabis seeds safe is next to none.

Big Buddha Cheese is an award-winning strain, and one of the most popular varieties in the UK. Featuring a trademark flavour profile and a surging, energetic high, this Cheese variant harnesses the best genetics to produce a robust and unforgettable hybrid.

Big Buddha Seeds is a seed company from the United Kingdom which you can buy at Zamnesia. Big Buddha Seeds is specialized in crossings with Cheese genetics.