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best weed shirts

Best weed shirts

So, if you’re a nerdy stoner, you’ll absolutely love this t-shirt. It features an awesome design of an up close marijuana nug, much like what you’d see under a microscope. Instead of just ogling that purple dank, you can display it for the world. Unlike most t-shirts, the design wraps all the way around the entire garment. It is made with polyester and spandex, drastically reducing fading over time. Wear what you smoke, smoke what you wear.

  • Slimmer fit than a regular t-shirt, so sizing up is necessary for a looser fit
  • 100% cotton, so it will shrink if dried on high heat
  • Not super “in-your-face” stoner apparel
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Fits well
  • Men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizing available
  • Well-made t-shirt
  • Very comfortable

A clever use of words, Legalize Mayor Iguana sounds un-shockingly similar to “legalize marijuana”. So, let your humorous stoner side out and rock this t-shirt. Make a fellow stoner laugh–or even someone who doesn’t smoke. It’s made from lightweight cotton, and is a classic fit. Plus, both men’s, kids’ and women’s cuts are available. If you’re looking for a marijuana shirt with humor, you’ve found it here.
Weed shirts are definitely all the rage, countrywide. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in more than half of the states (28 to be exact), people feel like they can wear weed t-shirts without repercussion. Now, just because you can wear marijuana shirts, it doesn’t mean you should wear just any marijuana shirt. Far too often, you see the same old boring 420 joke t-shirts, or a typical Bob Marley face with a rasta colored overlay. Booooooooring. You’re a unique stoner–not a sheep following the herd..
Browse through this top 10 best marijuana t-shirts to find the perfect stoner apparel to fit your style!
Price: $21.99 – $23.99

Harry Potter will always and forever hold the hearts and minds of fans. Not only does it tell the tale of standing up for what’s right, and goodness perseveres, but it’s full of incredible jokes and innuendos. You simply can’t miss the amazing “Hufflepuff puff pass”. What about Harry Pothead and his best friends Hermione Ganjah and Bong Weasley?

Looking for a new weed shirt? Read our guide to the best marijuana t-shirts and stoner apparel.

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Available in Plus Size T-Shirt
Hey Bud! why you smiling all the time? Can’t go wrong with a happy little weed guy.

green art for green vibes
Available in Plus Size T-Shirt
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Marijuana Flower Power. The flower has the power.
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