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best way to store cannabis seeds

Best way to store cannabis seeds

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You can also keep them in your fridge at home, simply make some space for them and away you go. We recommend using a no-frost fridge and if possible, storing them in the vegetable drawer.
Knowing how to store cannabis seeds properly is quite an important tidbit of information if you’re a professional cannabis grower. The seed is undoubtedly just as important as the final result; without quality seeds, you won’t get quality results. Keep in mind that cannabis seeds are practically living beings ready to be brought fully to life. Many new growers don’t know that cannabis seeds require specific care, and the way you store your seeds can significantly affect their outcome.

This obviously depends on your climate too, as there are places that have incredibly high humidity and others that are quite dry, which can directly impact how you have to store your seeds. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend keeping them in a low-humidity container, and if you live somewhere incredibly humid you might have to use specific methods to decrease humidity.
If you’ve ever germinated cannabis seeds before, then you know that light is an important factor when it comes to the probability of the seed germinating or not. If your seeds are exposed to light for too long, they may end up too weak to germinate; even if they germinate they might have quite a hard time starting off.
When stored under perfect conditions, you can germinate 5 year old cannabis seeds successfully. For homegrowers, storing and maintaining seeds is quite important, and even more so for seed banks; a badly stored seed may not germinate, and if it does it may not grow properly. There are various parameters you’ll need to follow in order to store seeds long-term.
The temperature at which you store your seeds is quite important. You’ll need to store them at around 6-8° – if you plan on storing a large amount of seeds, we recommend buying a small cooler for that specific purpose to keep them at a low, constant temperature.
Humidity is another incredibly important factor that can determine the success rate of your seeds. Relative humidity is essentially what causes seeds to germinate, so they’re quite delicate at this stage and you don’t want them accidentally germinating; keep relative humidity low in their container.

Taking into account the previously mentioned parameters, the best way to store your cannabis seeds for long periods of time is to vacuum seal them and then put them into an opaque container or bag so that no light gets to them. Keep them at a constant temperature of 6-8°. Some growers use products such as silica sachets to keep humidity down even if the outside temperature/humidity is drastically altered – this is a good idea if you live in more humid or hotter climates.

Knowing how to store cannabis seeds correctly is important if you want to keep your seeds over long periods of time and still germinate them successfully.

Keep in mind that marijuana seeds are living organisms. When the seed makes contact with water, the nutrients in the seed that trigger the germination process will be released, so to prevent unused cannabis seeds from germinating or getting damaged, you have to keep your seeds in a cool, dark and moisture-free place. Cannabis seeds can withstand very low temperatures, but air humidity and fluctuations in temperature should be avoided at all times.

Of course it’s also possible that you have bought several cannabis seeds and that you want to keep a part for, for example, next year. The best way to store cannabis seeds for a long term is to freeze the seeds. Make sure you vacuum pack the seeds, place the seeds in a dark lockable (plastic) container and put them in the freezer. If done right, you can store your seeds for years.
You can store your seeds in the refrigerator for up to a year. When freezing, the seeds remain viable for up to 2 years and even longer.

Curious how to store your cannabis seeds and how long you can preserve your weed seeds? Read on and let us tell you how to store weed seeds!
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Below you find more information about the best way to store weed seeds for a short and long term.
Note: seeds that are stored in the freezer should be germinated immediately after you take the seeds out of the freezer. Do not let the seeds thaw first.
Please note: once you have decided to use the marijuana seeds, place the seeds in the box for 6 hours outside the refrigerator so the seeds calmly reach room temperature.

Once you have received your ordered cannabis seeds, most growers start their grow right away. After all, your seeds are fresh and you want to prevent the cannabis seeds from germinating in an uncontrolled way. However, if you can not or do not want to start with your cultivation immediately it is important to store your seeds properly. When storing your seeds properly, your seeds remain fresh and viable.

Do you wonder how to store weed seeds properly so they remain good, fresh and alive? Read our blog about storing cannabis seeds.