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best way to make a bong

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The good news is you’ve got some killer weed. The bad news is you got nothing to smoke it with. But stay calm, channel your inner MacGyver, and check out these easy options for making a DIY pipe or bong out of stuff you probably have lying around your house.
Honey Bear

Got killer weed but no bong? Well, it’s time to get crafty and build yourself a pipe that would make Rube Goldberg proud.
Smoking out of a soda can is one of the easiest, tried-and-true DIY methods for consuming the sweet leaf. If anything, it’s a high school right of passage.
Burning an aluminum can is not a healthy way to smoke, so we strongly recommend trying other methods before resorting to this.
To make your pipe, empty an aluminum-can beverage. Press a dent with your thumb, as this will serve as your “bowl.” Use a sharp object to poke a bunch of small holes in the dent and a larger hole on the side for a carb.
It’s a smoking staple to use an apple for this consumption method, but don’t be scared to try out a pear, watermelon, cucumber, or even a carrot. Just pick up your favorite fruit or veggie, bore a hole halfway through and another connecting tunnel to serve as your mouthpiece. For inspiration, we recommend Brett Stern’s 99 Ways to Make a Pipe.

Grab an empty two-liter soda bottle and fill it with water. Remove the cap and fashion a small bowl out of tin foil in the opening. As you light the bowl, hold it over a sink or bucket and have a friend poke a large hole in the bottom. As the water drains, the bottle will fill with smoke. Remove the bowl from the mouthpiece and pass it around! Note: This is sometimes referred to as a “Waterfall Bong.”

Got killer weed but no bong? Well, it's time to get crafty and build yourself a pipe that would make Rube Goldberg proud.