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best wake and bake strains

Best wake and bake strains

What’s better than coffee and chocolate? How about a delightful marijuana strain that marries both flavors while keeping you stress-free from dawn to dusk?

Many consumers have found that Chocolope is an ideal strain to combat stress and depression. Meanwhile, it is not overly appetite inducing, so it’s a good choice for those who want to a blissful high that won’t make them want to raid the refrigerator.
This uplifting strain has been used for decades to kickstart the day with a burst of energy and creativity. It’s a popular choice for those suffering from chronic fatigue as well as the typical morning malaise.

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Sour Diesel is considered to be one of the best wake n’ bake cannabis strains for a reason, but this is a variant that is more suitable for experienced smokers due to its high THC content. To get a better gauge on whether Sour Diesel is the right choice for you, reach out to the expert team at TOPS Cannabis to learn more about its benefits.
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As is the case with wine, different people can pick up on different flavors in a strain. By and large, consumers report a profile of caramel (of course) with fruity notes reminiscent of cherries. At the end, there’s a distinct aftertaste of coffee, which makes it wonderfully synergistic with your existing morning routine.
There are a countless number of marijuana strains to introduce to your wake n’ bake routine. With a myriad of options to choose from, we encourage you to try out different strains to in order to isolate the ones that work best with your morning routine.

The flavor of XJ-13 also makes it a tasty choice for early morning enjoyment. XJ emits a lemony aroma when the jar is opened and gives off a sweet citrusy flavor when smoked or vaped. The high is palpable, but not overwhelming, which has made it a popular option for marijuana veterans and rookies alike.

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Best wake and bake strains

As any seasoned stoner will tell you, different strains of cannabis offer various effects. Some are light and uplifting, while others can make you feel tired and groggy. But don’t worry, there are a ton of resources available to inform you exactly what you can expect from different strains.

White Widow was a signature strain of the Amsterdam cafes of the early 1990s. It’s a heady sativa that was created by crossing a pure sativa strain native to Brazil with indica hybrids from southern India. At 60 percent sativa, this strain won’t make you too jittery, imparting relaxing focus and creativity to start your day off on a positive note.
Perhaps the most infamous “high energy sativa strain” available, Sour D is 90 percent sativa. It imparts energy, focus, mental stimulation and feelings of euphoria. Ideal for exercising, being social, working on creative projects or exploring the great outdoors.

Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf, the first price comparison engine for the legal and medical marijuana market, compiled this list of the best 10 cannabis strains to wake n’ bake, so that you can get a little buzz and still feel like a productive human.
Starting with a perky upbeat high, this strain quickly mellows out with a nice body buzz. Although its nearly 80 percent sativa, its THC percentage is slightly lower than other sativa strains, preventing the onset of paranoia that other sativas can impart in higher doses or amongst novice users.
As one of the oldest and well-known sativa strains, Haze quickly became a building block strain that has passed on its superior genetics to countless other popular sativa strains. Haze has been well-loved by consumers and growers alike for it’s appetite-inducing properties along with its ability to impart happiness, the giggles, creativity and other highly desirable effects. Sitting at 80 percent sativa, Haze in its true form provides seemingly endless mental stimulation and energy. This is another strain to go slow with as one can easily wind up with a racing mind and feeling paranoia if consumed in higher doses.
A very well-rounded hybrid strain – 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa – XJ-13 is an excellent wake n’ bake strain. Originating in Oakland, California, this strain provides an uplifting, yet relaxing buzz that imparts creativity and focus without the mind-racing element that other sativa-dominant strains impart.
Cannabis is either derived from indica strains, which are known for their sedative, relaxing and lethargic properties, or sativa, which offers more of a buzzy boost. Growers have been tinkering and cross-breeding for decades, so most strains are a combination of indica and sativa, known as a hybrid.

There are few better ways to relax on your day off than sparking up a little bit of weed. But if you’re trying to get a little stoned and not blow you’re entire day away, you should put a little thought behind the cannabis strain you select.

A list of 10 cannabis strains perfect for waking n' baking.