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best type of pipe for weed

Best type of pipe for weed

A large and nicely packed bowl will give off about 2-3 good hits and the stash holds about 3-5 bowl packs worth.

For best cleaning results, drop all parts in alcohol and rub with a tissue.
Weed pipes usually come in borosilicate glass which offers great heat resistance and is sturdy to prevent any accidental breakages.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt is perfect for when you have no time to roll!
Although there are water bongs
Other than rolling a joint, smoking a pipe can’t be beaten when it comes to simplicity and potency.
The generous-sized bowl has a wide opening for packing, it’s advisable that you also use a pipe screen or a glass sea mine.
Here’s how to find the best pipe for smoking weed;

The water cools the smoke, making it easier on the lungs when inhaled.

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