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best time to plant marijuana seeds

If you want to cultivate plants of more than 3 meters you should already have some experience. This type of cultivation is for seniors. The seeds should germinate at the beginning of the winter, December, so that in June they will be at their maximum splendor, full of branches of around two meters high and with a multitude of strong and robust buds. And of course, having to plant seeds in January, it is essential to have a greenhouse so that the plants do not grow outdoors. However, it is best to germinate the seeds at home and then transfer them to the greenhouse when they are beginning to grow.
Since the first days of March can be quite cold depending on the areas, what we recommend is to be a little cautious and wait a couple of weeks if we consider that the cold can damage our cultures. It is worth waiting a few days and in return, get better fruits at the time of harvest.
The month we choose will depend on the type of marijuana we want to cultivate. In this case, the size that each one of our plants will reach.
For relatively small plants weighing around 250 grams, it is best to germinate the seeds at the beginning of May. With this temperature and longer days and more light, the plants will grow stress-free and therefore more compact, while stronger. It is important to accompany these first weeks with fertilizers for the soil that provide nutrients. For example, you can use our algae concentrate-based fertilizer Caribbean Algae Soil&Air. For the few care required and the reduced cultivation time, around 3 / 4 months, is the perfect choice for those growing marijuana for the first time.
That is why we must choose one of these months, from March to May, to plant our little seeds.
We can say that they are the most common plantations, although not for that reason the simplest. In this case, the best time of year to plant marijuana would be early March. The experts of those of “all the life” say that it is necessary to germinate the seeds with the first full moon of March. In this way, in the first days of the plant, it will have light day and night, solar and lunar.
The process of growing plants of this size can take up to six months. And care will be essential during all of them. We recommend that you check our Growing Chart to find out which fertilizers are best suited to help your plants at each stage.
Spring will undoubtedly be the best time to start cultivating marijuana. Like many other living beings, plants or animals, with the arrival of good weather, “come back to life” or begin to bloom.
That is why in this article we are going to focus on outdoor plants, whose cultivation is reduced to a few months a year so that the results obtained are as expected.
When we are looking for the best time of year to cultivate marijuana, we must think about what type of marijuana we want to cultivate and whether we want it to be an indoor or outdoor culture.
Best time to plant marijuana seeds
Taking care of plants for such a long time is quite a lot of work for the grower, you need to keep an eye on infestations, fungi, nutrition, transplants, pruning, tutoring… The whole process takes about six months of constant work. If you’re looking for a decent product and yield, you’ll need:
If you’re looking for some small to medium sized plants, both compact and strong, then you’ll need to wait till around the middle of March to germinate your seeds. Your plants will have about a month to grow before the light period changes, and they’ll grow with more sun than other plants, making for strong and compact specimens. So, when they begin to flower they will be more compact, around 1m tall. You’ll need the same products as for large plants, as well as patience although less due to the fact that they take a lot less time, around three and a half months. This style is much easier for beginner growers, although you’ll still need to take care of them.
The best thing to do in this case is to wait another month or two; a germinated seed in a decent climate from April onwards will actually be bigger and better grown than one planted in March in the same place.
If you’re looking to grow a plant of this size before June then you’ll need to grow it for at least six months so the plant has more surfaces to flower on, which should take another three months. You’ll get much better results if you plant straight into the ground rather than pots.
Then, you’ll need to make a hole around 50x50x50cm and fill it with new substrate so the plant has a decent medium to grow in. Once your plant has germinated and it’s a few centimeters tall you can officially move it to the greenhouse. You’ll need to install a light above the plant that should turn on for 10 minutes every four hours or twice a night so that it still grows during the winter. The light doesn’t have to be super powerful, the only reason we do this is to annoy the plant and keep it growing. Once the plant reaches around 40cm, you’ll need to start pruning it starting with the main calyx. Two or three weeks later, prune again on the higher branches, two weeks later another one… until after a couple of months you have a big ball of leaves full of mini-calyxes which will later grow into long branches.
To get these kinds of plants you’ll need to apply yourself to the job more than the other two types. You’ll need to grow plants with a decent size so that they can grow amazing 2m long branches in all directions with buds as thick as your fist that you’ll need to hold up with a SCRoG mesh so they don’t break.
More or less around February you’re going to need to place four stakes around your plant in a 1mx1m formation, with the plant right in the middle, and then place a SCRoG mesh over it to separate the branches as much as possible and as wide as possible. Once March arrives you’ll need to take the light away and let it get used to natural light and the growth period lighting (these dates are for Spain). Once you notice the good weather starting again, sometime near April, remove the greenhouse and let your plant breath fresh air. Your plant will be a meter tall, when everyone is is still germinating at this stage, which a whole lot of branches and prepared to grow for another three months. Once June/July arrives, your plant will be absolutely huge. Just before it flowers you can place another mesh so the branches can put up better with the weight of the buds. You’ll need to keep an eye out for infestations and fungi due to the size of the plant and how hard it can be to inspect all of it. It’ll need good nutrients due to how long it’s going to grow, and you’ll need to water it properly. You can get the entire years’ worth of gear in just one plant. Happy growing!
Many people aren’t really sure when to plant their crop. When’s the perfect time of year to germinate your seeds so that everything runs as smoothly as possible? Well, this depends on what medium you’re growing in, the accessories and things you have at your disposal etc. You can grow the perfect crop at any time of year depending on how you’re doing it and what you have. Today we’re going to show you techniques so that you can get the absolute most out of your plants regardless of what time of year it is.
The reasoning behind this is so that while your seeds are germinating they’ll also have light at night time and they won’t stretch up too much in their first days of life. Sometimes it’s a bit too cold at that time though, and of course you can’t plant at the same time everywhere, we’re talking from a Spaniard’s point of view here. If you live somewhere with a very cold climate your plants will take much longer to grow and they’ll get stressed out from cold or wind, which will create weaker plants that are more susceptible to infestations and fungi.
How and when to plany marijuana outdoors. read on for tips and hints on how to grow small, medium, and gigantic marijuana plants outdoors.