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best tga strain

Best tga strain

TGA’s marijuana after being dried and cured

Like all TGA strains, they are only available in the form of regular seeds, which is perfect for selecting a mother plant from which you can get all the cuttings that you need to do the same pleasant process over and over again.
TGA Subcool is currently working on new strains based on Green Queen (Green Queen x JTR and Green Queen x Querckle) and Pre-98 Bubba Kush (Bubba Kush X JTR and Bubba Kush BX) as well as the new strain TrainWreck, a cross between the TrainWreck x Trinity female and a Vortex male.

As you can see in the family tree, the main strain of TGA Subcool’s catalogue is Space Queen, which is a very fruity hybrid of two famous marijuana strains: C99 (Sativa) and Romulan (Indica). TGA offers two different selections of this strain: Space Bomb and Space Jill. The former is a higher yielding strain, while the latter produces more resin.
Jack The Ripper from TGA Subcool
The Qleaner strain from TGA Subcool

  • Jacks Cleaner, which produces lots of trichomes and lemony taste: Jack the Ripper, Jacks Cleaner 2, Kaboom, Qleaner .
  • Orange Velvet Skunk, high yielding and with strong citrus smell (oranges): Jillybean, Agent Orange .
  • Purple Urkle, a potent purple Indica, very resinous, with berry and grapes flavour: Querkle, Deep Purple .
  • Apollo 13, a renowned Sativa with a strong and stimulating high: Vortex, The Void, Third Dimension, Apollo 13 BX.
  • Trainwreckx Trinity, another resinous Sativa strain with many good qualities: QRazy Train, Chernobyl .
  • Black Cherry Soda, which produces gorgeous pink buds with a delicious berry flavour: Plushberry, Ace of Spades.
  • UK Cheese, the famous English clone with its very strong and distinctive flavour: Dairy Queen, Cheese Quake.

Family tree of Subcool’s strains

TGA is a small work group led by the talented breeder Subcool and his lovely wife MzJill. They are very famous in the world of medical marijuana, and have become very popular among cannabis growers as they always look for original tastes and a powerful effects. This is because all TGA Subcool strains are selected under the same criteria: potency, flavour, resin production and therapeutic potential!

TGA Subcool is an American seed breeder specialized in strains with strong medicinal potential, which has gained a great reputation amongst growers, c