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best sunflower lecithin

Global dairy export companies like Fonterra responsible for supplying China’s dairy demand from New Zealand will use flash processing methods to ensure stability and shelf life during export transit. We highly recommend being skeptical when seeing advertisements for “New Zealand Grassfed Whey,” it’s harmless macro nutrition and is very stable. However, nutritionally speaking, the micronutrients and minor protein fractions are denatured (not bio-available).

After making a whey protein powder shake, if you plan to save it for later, a rule of thumb by the FDA is to do so at 40°F (refrigerator temperature) with the recommendation of NOT letting it sit out longer than 2 hours unrefrigerated.
Naturally, AGN Roots Grass Grassfed Whey would only be satisfied with the highest quality lecithin available. Without a doubt, the healthiest lecithin comes from sunflower seeds. Our Sunflower Lecithin is Non-GMO and naturally extracted (mechanically) from sunflower seeds in a 100% chemical-free process. Being Non-GMO lecithin is in stark contrast to many other lecithin sources, including the more commonly used soy-lecithin, which requires chemical use (alcohols and petroleum-based) to extract from their respective sources. Soy lecithin is often associated negatively with the common allergen (Soy Allergy). Also, it carries within its properties that may impact your hormones (estrogen levels). However, at these quantities, that is highly unlikely and was massively hyperbolized years ago by the weight lifting supplement side of the industry.

As a result, AGN roots Grassfed Whey can be mixed with a spoon or a shaker bottle on the go. Although It is unflavored and just about as naked/raw as it gets, we do encourage a blender or magic bullet to be used at home with all kinds of your favorite fruits and natural or organic flavors to make every serving count. We highly recommend you spice it up and have fun with your nutrition!
More Details – When a single-ingredient whey protein requires a blender to go into solution, the mechanical energy applied to the protein structures forces a change in shape, by definition denaturing the protein. As a dehydrated powder, whey protein structures and the macro-nutrients within are very fragile and require a soft hand for water phase reconstitution.
To learn more about pasteurization and the terms cold processed and cold filtered and how they are used correctly in the grassfed whey and dairy industries, you can visit our “What Does Cold-Processed, Cold-Filtred, Cold-Pressed Mean” blog.
Emulsifiers are everywhere and used in many industries to assist fats (oils) in uniformly dispersing in water (i.e., milk) and likewise for water to evenly distribute in fats (i.e., butter). An excellent example of this is why we use “soap and water” to wash our hands. If there is any oil on your hands, water alone will take a while and will not connect to the oil structures, thus bead off.
Every peptide structure contains both hydrophilic (soluble in water) & hydrophobic (not water-soluble) side chains. The hydrophobic components of the whey protein (oil-based solute) will not naturally dissolve into a water-based solvent to form a homogeneous solution. As a result, intact whey protein (non-denatured) need some sort of adaptor to support the dispersion into water. In the case of whey protein with sunflower lecithin, the lecithin serves as the “adaptor” with the “emulsification process” being the action of the oil and water connecting via the adaptor.

  • Heart Health – Lecithin has a natural propensity to help balance the fat levels in your bloodstream. In theory, this has the potential to reduce risks around cardiac issues such as atherosclerosis.
  • Brain Protection – Phospholipids (the building blocks of lecithin) are crucial for brain health and the repair processes utilized by neural cells. *Lipid substances that contain choline, like lecithin, may improve the brain’s functional pathways. Conflicting data exist on whether lecithin benefits populations that suffer from neurological & nervous system conditions, but research into this benefit of lecithin is promising and moving forward. One day soon, regular use of a lecithin supplement may be proven to result in faster neural regeneration, thus protecting the nervous system.
  • Connected to battling Dementia Symptoms – Lecithin contains choline (precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine), which is a chemical your brain uses to communicate. **Clinical Research suggests that a diet rich in choline may support memory function, thus benefit those battling Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Liver Integrity – Lecithin supports the liver’s fat-processing functions. If you’ve ever stepped outside your regular diet and indulged in a very fatty meal, Lecithin can significantly reduce the amount of work your liver needs to do to handle the excess fat.
  • Blood Pressure – You’ve probably noticed a theme, but when it comes to excess fat in your bloodstream, there is no shortage of potential health risks. Less fat in your blood, the less likely your blood pressure puts a strain on your cardiovascular system.
  • Boost the Immune System – Research has found that this phospholipid substance speeds the healing process and stimulates the immune system. Mainly due to its antioxidant effects, thanks to phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine.

The very small amount of non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin within AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey allows our community of health enthusiasts access to nutrition-on-the-go without the clumps and chunks associated with mixing protein in a water-based solution without electric agitation. With this said, What is Sunflower Lecithin?