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best strains to grow outdoors

Best strains to grow outdoors

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Autoflowering strains are a great choice for those looking to grow cannabis in practically place in the world; it may take a bit of extra care at the start to get it going, but this strain will shoot up once it really gets a hang of it. The interesting thing about this strain is its short life cycle; there’s hardly any time for insects or fungi to even think about infesting it, although under extreme conditions it may happen. Auto Gelatto 100% Fem is a great choice for any grower, alongside the rest of out bulk strains.
Critical strains have become a world-wide sensation ever since they started being grown in Spain, and there’s good reason for it; these plants are complete in every sense of the world, dealing incredibly well with many issues, although it is slightly susceptible to fungi infestations due to its massive, compact buds. Compared to other strains of similar stature, this one holds up the best when it comes to stress.

Critical Neville Haze Auto is 80% sativa and 20% indica, which means that it’ll grow quite strong and large, producing super compact buds that don’t quite reach the same size as Critical buds. This strain does well in almost any climate, producing high quality results at the end of the bloom period.
Jack Herer is a 50/50 hybrid strain that tends to grow more like a sativa plant; its indica side helps for strong growth and allows it to deal with issues such as dry climates or low quality substrate. This strain is great for outdoors, although you’ll need to give it a helping hand by training its branches; it does well with issues such as heat and cold, as well as rainy climates. The only inconvenience regarding this strain is its long flowering period, taking until mid-October to harvest outdoors. The wait is well worth its delicious flowers.
Durban is an almost entirely sativa strain (90/10%) even though it has quite a fast flowering speed, meaning that it can be ready after just 50 flowering days indoors; around mid-October outdoors. Its structure and flower shape are both similar to pure sativa strains, although it doesn’t tend to grow too tall which makes it easy to manage. It does well with bad weather and does well with pretty much any environment, as this strain was originally grown in areas with cold nights and humid climates.
This post is all about the best cannabis strains for outdoors; it’s a selection of strains that we’ve tried and tested outdoors so that you can narrow down your search for the perfect plant without getting a random strain that might not be best for outdoor settings. Outdoor season is almost here, and it’s time to get your seeds ready! Growing cannabis outdoors is a long, tiring process at times, taking from 4 to 8 months to finish maturing depending on the chosen strain; that’s why you should always plan ahead of time and know exactly what you’re going to be growing.
As we mentioned before, Haze strains are known for dealing with bad weather and rain quite well, just like Skunk strains which have resistance to insect infestations and can survive almost anywhere. Critical Neville Haze Auto is a strain which combines both genes in an autoflowering format. This makes it one of the best autoflowering strains to grow outdoors.

We’re going to give a brief overview of some of our tried and tested favorite outdoor cannabis strains so that you don’t blindly go into growing a random strain outdoors. There are literally thousands upon thousands of different strains on the market, all of which have various different characteristics – some are resistant to excess humidity, heat, insects and many other issues, some can be harvested earlier than others, some do better with stress than others… the idea here is to pick one that has the best characteristics for a successful outdoor cannabis plant.

How much do you know about best outdoor strains? Find out more from our personal experience; find out which types of strains do well in which climates.