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best strains 2018

Best strains 2018

Top 25 Best Indica Strains

If you’re looking for inspiration, try a powerful sativa strain to spark your gears. These trippy, psychedelic sativas will change the way you’re thinking, for good!
A relaxing, non-psychedelic high is perfect for those stoners who get too anxious when smoking trippy sativa strains. Chill out with these mellow indica strains.

Best Sativa Strains for Productivity
Heaviest Indica Strains
Best Indica Strains to Grow Indoors
These great indica strains will put you on the couch! Expect the classic stoney indica effects — red eyes, munchies and a narcotic body high that hits hard.
Strongest Sativa Strains

What goes better together than a functional sativa high and coffee? Get your work done and stay focused with these great sativa strains.

2018 is a great year for cannabis. Here’s a compiled a list of the best selling seed strains of weed (indica, sativa and hybrids) this year at major cannabis seed distributors and seed banks. Indica…

Best strains 2018

The official High Times ranking of the best strains of 2018.

Auto Critical Orange Punch—Dutch Passion
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
Rosetta Stone XX—Brothers Grimm Seeds
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

Mega Queso—Nameless Genetics
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Mandarin Cookies—Ethos Genetics
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
On January 2, 2017, the cannabis world lost a legend with the untimely passing of Franco Loja, longtime breeder and co-star of the Strain Hunters video series. In his honor, Green House released Franco’s Lemon Cheese, his final crossing of two of his favorite strains—Super Lemon Haze and the famous Exodus Cheese from the UK. This hybrid exhibits what Franco would call “full gas!”—fast-hitting and long-lasting with a vigorous growth rate. Profits are donated to the Strain Hunter Foundation’s Franco Loja Fund to help finance his children’s education.
LA’s Happy Leaf Collective won the 2016 SoCal Cannabis Cup for First Place Sativa Flower with this powerhouse Nameless Genetics strain. From the illustrious creators of Mega Wellness OG, the frosty Mega Queso packs a powerful punch. The dense and sticky nuggets produce incredible concentrates, including a fantastic live resin with an intense terpene profile and appetite-stimulating potency. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the best of both worlds for an overall buzz that’s both calming and uplifting at the same time.
Colin Gordon and his crew at Ethos Genetics continue to innovate the cannabis-breeding industry with strain after strain of stable and cerebral varieties that perform exactly as advertised. His indica-dominant feminized Mandarin Cookies, a cross between Mandarin Sunset and Forum Cut Cookies, tastes like a Creamsicle and tests out at over 30 percent THC! Growers love the short flowering time and high calyx-to-leaf ratio, while connoisseurs appreciate the grapefruit citrus terps combined with the rich and earthy undertones.

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The official High Times ranking of the best strains of 2018.