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best strain for euphoria

Best strain for euphoria

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Cannabis makes people happy. The archetypical stoner is depicted with red eyes, snacks in hand, and a massive smile across their face. Smoking weed leads to increased levels of dopamine in the synapses, a neurotransmitter associated with good mood, pleasure, and reward. Every strain that contains substantial levels of THC creates this effect to varying degrees. The cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors and initiates a chemical cascade that results in dopamine release. It’s rare for cannabis to cause an immediate reduction in mood. That is assuming, of course, that you understand the basics of dosage and your own tolerance.
The genetic stability of this strain means she can handle varying conditions, and phenotypes emerge with a high level of uniformity. Plants grown indoors easily pump out 600g/m² and top out at 110cm. Those cultivated outdoors grow to a taller height of 200cm and yield up to 650g/plant.

There’s no denying that Amnesia Haze XL plunges users into a happy state of mind. High levels of THC blast open the floodgates to an ecstatic state of being. All the while, good levels of CBD prevent the high from becoming too overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, cold, and miserable, Amnesia Haze XL will put you in a good mood that’s bulletproof.
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This beast is the product of Amnesia, Super Skunk, and Super Silver Haze. She’s reliable and performs exceptionally well in pretty much any environment. Indoors, she reaches a height of 130cm and yields up to 600g/m². Outdoors, plants can reach 200cm, but are capable of churning out a heavy haul of 700g/plant.
Although most strains cause a positive shift in mood, some cultivars bear the perfect balance of phytochemicals to support euphoria. We’re not talking about a slight boost in optimism or giggle fits here; euphoria is defined as a state of intense excitement and happiness. Not every strain is capable of bringing about this cognitive state, but the following 5 varieties are known for their euphoric potential. Embrace pure enjoyment.
White Widow XL combines legendary genetics with rewarding yields. The original White Widow is a firm cannabis classic, earning multiple awards for her great taste and euphoric high. She was selectively bred with the strain ICE to increase her productivity and maximise resin content. The result is an uplifting indica-dominant hybrid that soothes the body and creates a surge in appetite. She’s the strain of choice for the evenings. A few tokes is enough to set you up for some undisturbed and restorative sleep.

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NYC Diesel is a combination of Diesel, Hawaiian, Shiva, and Northern Lights genetics. She produces thick and tall buds that bear a THC content of 19%, enough to hit that sweet spot between being fired up and too high to step out the door. Plants display a tall sativa growth pattern and feature a flowering time of 65 days. Specimens confined to grow rooms provide a yield of up to 500g/m² and peak at a height of 150cm. Outdoor plants raised in beds or containers soar to 190cm and produce a maximum yield of 650g/plant.

Most cannabis strains can boost your mood, but only some are able to induce pure euphoria. Check them out here!

Who isn’t addicted to the tangy sweetness of flavor that is the mango? This strain should appeal not only to the mango lover but is also the strain of choice for the party wallflower. Users regularly report feelings of cheerful chattiness, finding it easier to socialize, and to laugh with others.

Who would guess that a strain with laughing in the title might give people a case of the giggles? Everybody. Laughing Buddha will help push your stresses and troubles to the background and replace it with more positive vibes.
Called, Tetrahydrocannabinol, if you’re into that, THC is the chemical in cannabis that gives people the feelings of euphoria that have made marijuana into a party consumption staple. It also helps to treat patients with stress, depression, anxiety and a host of other similar illnesses. Are you high with a case of the giggles? That’s the THC talking.

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Thanks to James Franco and Seth Rogan, who made a movie about the strain, Pineapple Express is one of the best-known strains in North America. This strain’s mildly, fruity taste comes with a side of relief: pain relief, stress relief and tension relief.
Another good choice for the sleep deprived is Church OG, which is a favorite strain among long time cannabis users. Known for its pleasant aromas and smooth smoke, Church OG has been reported to be the choice for people looking to relieve mental stress.
There are those who find the flavor and smell of the diesel strains to be overpowering, but who enjoy the overall effects of the strains. For those folks, Sweet Diesel is the go-to, providing an earthier smell and flavor. This strain is also known to boost energy and overall chattiness and is best enjoyed with others.
Rainbows have always been a symbol of happiness and good times. It stands to reason that their namesake strain would do the same. Rainbow brings a sweet and tropical flavor to the table, reminding users of pineapple. This is the strain for you if you’re looking for the euphoric, happy high without the accompanying body stone.
Using marijuana for fun isn’t exactly a new trend, but now that it’s being legalized for recreational use in numerous states and across Canada, more people than ever are being introduced to the positive effects of THC.

Before legalization, to many casual users, marijuana strains were rarely a consideration. Now that customers can walk into dispensaries, people are learning that not all pot is created equal. Like most plants, cannabis has been cultivated over time so that there are now hundreds, if not thousands of different strains of marijuana available. Each strain has different characteristics. Some have a very small amount of THC to help patients mediate pain without the high. Others were cultivated to have high amounts of THC for purely recreational purposes. Then there are the innumerable strains in between.

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Cannabis has been cultivated to produce specific smells, tastes, and effects. Here are 10 strains that report high in euphoric and happy results.