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best skunk strain

From what I’m reading on web is that true skunk is practically extinct, and can’t be found anymore.

Thanks for the feedback Purple.
If Prop 64 passes this Tuesday I’m considering starting my first grow.

You should definitely give cheese strains a try, they’re usually very pungent and skunky.
1)Mr. Nice – Shit
2)Sensi Seeds – SuperSkunk
3)Sensi Seeds -Skunk#1 ( though I’ve heard read there is hardly any skunk smell or taste in this straint. kinda suprising as it’s Skunk#1)
4)Nirvana – SuperSkunk
I’m new here and don’t mean to offend anyone but where do these guys get these stupid names? Cheese? It’s one bad name after another . that or I’m getting way too old. And Sour Diesel? Really!?
So far I’m considering:
Curios if anyone has tried Shit by Mr.Nice. Another great name. right folks. what a fantastic name for a strain. shit.:31:

Greetings 420 Members!

Greetings 420 Members!:Namaste: If Prop 64 passes this Tuesday I'm considering starting my first grow.:Love: What I'm really wanting to do with my…

Honestly, there are way too many hybrid strains with traces of Skunk to consider in one piece. Below, we’ll do our best to go through some of the most popular and critically acclaimed Skunk-related strains. These five famous names will give you a glimpse into the incredible diversity of Skunk-derived ganja.

Effect: Head-rush, initially chatty, relaxation
Average CBD: Less than 1 percent

The indica genes found in Skunk No. 1 comes from Afghani landraces, while Columbian Gold and Mexican Acapulco Gold supply the sativa element. There’s usually 50 percent Acapulco Gold and 25 percent of Afghani and Columbian Gold each. Traditionally, Skunk No. 1 has a slightly higher indica to sativa ratio set at about 65 percent to 35 percent. THC content hovers between 15 – 20 percent while CBD is only around 1 percent.
Genetics Type: Sativa-dominant
First introduced in Canada, Island Sweet Skunk offers all the energizing effects of Skunk No. 1 without the pronounced skunk smell. Unlike Skunk No. 1, the aroma of Island Sweet Skunk tends to be on the sweeter end of the spectrum. Since this strain is a blend of Big Skunk No. 1 and Sweet Pink Grapefruit, expect pungent citrusy notes as you take a hit. The sativa to indica ratio on this strain is usually around 80/20, which means users will experience a pronounced energetic & creative high.
Skunk smells (surprise, surprise) pretty skunky. Usually, this musky odor is due to the presence of a prevalent terpene known as myrcene. Although often associated with tropical fruits like mangoes, myrcene can contribute to the distinctly funky aromatics in strains like Skunk No. 1.
Average THC: 20 percent

Average CBD: Less than 1 percent

Few cannabis strains in the world enjoy the popularity of Skunk. Learn all about the best skunk weed strains on the market right now and how to grow them at home.