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best sativa strains in colorado

Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time. This indica is known for its heavy resin content, fast flowering, and resilience, according to Leafly. This indica is crystal-coasted and is a relaxer, pain, sleepiness, depression and stress reliever.

Just go with the Flo! Flo’s effects = energy + clarity. This strain is the Cannabis Cup winner of 1996. Flo can potentially be harvested numerous times which creates an “flo” of buds, according to Leafly.
Blue Dream is a berry sweet strain from California. Most variants of this strain are sativa-dominate which relaxes the body and gently invigorates the mind. Blue Dream is often used as a daytime medicine for pain, depression, nausea and more, according to Leafly.

This sweet and energizing strain is named in honor of where it came from, Durban, South Africa. Since this is a sativa, it helps to keep you productive and creative. This is a perfect strain to extract concentrates because of the over-sized resin glands.
Sour Diesel is a well-known, diesel-smelling sativa. Sour D is fast and energizing, which makes it the perfect strain for Coloradans and their outdoor activities. This strain is popular for medical use because of the stress, pain and depression-relieving effects.
The Golden Goat strain was actually an accident born in Topeka, Kansas. The father, Hawaiian-Romulan, accidentally knocked up the mother, Island Sweet Skunk. They made one sweet, sour, spicy and fruity baby which is often light green and pink in color.
Girl Scout Cookies has won many awards at the Cannabis Cup. This hybrid is sweet and earthy and gives you full body relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies is often used for appetite loss, pain and nausea relief.
Focus and laughter are what you can expect from Green Crack. This is another good strain for daytime medicating and works well for fatigue, stress, and depression. Some think the name is negative, so it’s sometimes called Green Cush or Cush. (Yes, it’s with a “C.”)

These are the top 10 weeds strains that are the most common at Colorado dispensaries. From Flo to Mob Boss these strains are the most popular on the weed menu.

These are the top 10 weeds strains that are the most common at Colorado dispensaries. From Flo to Mob Boss these strains are the most popular on the weed menu.

Pruning all cannabis strains the right way can increase yields, but some varieties respond well to a small training—even sativas, which are less leaf-heavy than indicas.

The effects of best Sativa strains in Colorado are cerebral and energizing. For some, the high that they can experience with Sativa is too much and indica is a better alternative because they’re more calming. As for the mainstream recreational consumers, Sativa is considered as champion cannabis.
Defoliation is the process of traditional trimming and this can be done as soon as the plant starts becoming thick. You need to remove leaves that don’t get enough sunlight or dying off. Continue this method two to three weeks so that your cannabis will have long-term harvest later.

While auto-flowering varieties can be a perfect fit for some cultivators, they cannot be just like the regular cannabis plants. Cultivators should avoid transplanting the auto flower cannabis species. When nurturing and pollinating these cannabis varieties, make sure to only use products that are for auto-flowering otherwise it may result in the cannabis plant the size of a bonsai.
Durban Poison is an almost heirloom sativa strain which is popular in many parts of the world. Originally from South Africa, this sativa strain has large resin glands, perfect for extracting concentrates. It is energetic, creative, frenetic and creates a happy feel which is best described as “uplifting”. Users and growers swear by this pure sativa strain.
Growers always try to provide their cannabis adequate ventilation and observe moisture levels to assure they’re in a safe range of about 50-80%. In the outdoors, you may need sheltering the plants with plastic at night and make sure you remove it during the day and avoid condensation from forming.
This Sativa dominant strain is heavy on the orange and citrusy notes, which carries to the taste buds. Very aromatic, it also produces a lot of resin. Another favorite of growers. It has a high THC content which older users like but this may not be for those who are just starting out. Moving forward, this is a good light for creatives.
Sour Diesel is no stranger among Colorado growers, dispensaries and shops. It is widely productive Sativa, the pleasing cerebral energy of this strain is best for staying vigorous and playing in the outdoors. It makes perfect sense why Sour Diesel is one of the most popular Sativa strains in Colorado because the state offers so much outdoor leisure to enjoy.

It is easier to identify indicas because of the visible characteristics – dark green and fat. During maturity, the distinctions between sativas and indicas are more obvious. Also, sativas continues to grow taller in their blooming period.

Find the strain that suits your needs. Check out these 5 best Sativa strains in Colorado!