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best odor eliminator for weed

Best odor eliminator for weed
It’s strong. It’s noticeable. It’s definitely a distinct odor. You could play off the whole, “Oh I drove by a skunk!”
Get a candle, you’ll be so excited to light, you want to use it outside of a good smoke sesh.
Yep! You knew Febreze, or some type of odor-eliminating sprays would end up on this list. Why? Because any stoner knows that having Febreze on-hand makes your life about a million times easier.
Simply take out the old dryer sheets, insert new ones, and you’ll be styling. An impressive 105 dryer sheets will arrive at your door step, ready to reduce the amount of smoke.
Because an air purifier runs as long as you want–and not just for a second or two–it continues to purify the air long after you finish smoking.
What’s the best weed smoke filter? There are a lot of awesome things about smoking weed. But, there is one glaring downside: The smell it produces.
If you smoked before you had a lot of money, you are more than likely aware of what a “sploof” is. For the uninitiated, a sploof is a homemade smoking device that acts as a weed smoke filter.
If you’ve got a little spending cash, you should seriously consider investing in an air filter/purifier.
Some things are very surface-related, which will only mask the smell. Others will eliminate the smell of smoke before it reaches the air.
The only bad thing about marijuana is the smell of weed smoke. Here's exactly how you can cover it up or eliminate it completely–with a weed smoke filter.