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best indoor strains

Best indoor strains

Gelatto is a strain that has completely taken over the market. How can one strain cause such a stir in so many different places? We’ve never seen anything like it, which is why you should grow Gelatto at least once – it’s the only way to truly understand how potent it is. It comes from a Thin Mint GSC plant and a delicious, refreshing Sunset Sherbet. The resulting plant is known for how intense and complex its aroma and flavor is, as well as its intense effect. It’s the perfect combination between psychoactivity and physical relaxation, which can be quite intense and long-lasting.

M.A.C 1 (A.K.A. Miracle Alien Cookies) is a strain that has been causing quite the stir over the past few years. It comes from a three-way combination between an Alien Cookies, a Colombian Gold strain and a Starfighter. The resulting strain has an intense, delicious earthy and orange-like flavor, with a Diesel aftertaste, which is quite common in many strains that come from the US. It produces dense flowers that are incredibly compact and full of delicious resin, which produces an intense physical and mental effect that can be intense and long-lasting. M.A.C. 1 is a special strain that you should definitely grow if you like strains from the US.
This strain might just be Delicious Seeds’ best breeding project yet. They’re incredibly proud of this strain. They should be, as this potent strain took over three years to breed properly. Their goal was to produce a better version of their star strain, Sugar Black Rose. They used a male Appalachian Kush in order to increase aromas and give the resulting plants’ structure more of an indica structure. It has a strong Kush flavor alongside metallic hints. Its aroma is earthy, citric and flowery, and its flavor is incredibly long lasting. Its effect is psychoactive and physically relaxing, capable of lasting for quite a while.

It’s almost time to start growing indoors and many growers have issues choosing the right strains – there are so many strains on the market nowadays that it can be quite daunting to choose just one. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best indoor cannabis seeds for this 2019/2020 indoor season.
Some strains in this list of the best indoor cannabis strains are available for purchase on our webpage, However, there are some strains that can only be obtained via elite clones and US strain breeders.
GAS is a strain that is thought to have come from a peculiar OG Kush selection, and it’s known for producing a surrealistically intense gasoline aroma alongside some equally as intense citric flavors; absolutely delicious. You’ll feel like you’re getting stoned every time you check on your flowering plants or open up your tub, especially when it’s been cured correctly. It doesn’t have an incredibly potent effect but it’s definitely intense enough to satisfy demanding smokers. GAS is a strain that’s just now getting popular in Spain, having competed in some of the most recent cannabis competitions in the country, providing interesting results.
Some of you may not necessarily agree with our list, but regardless of personal taste and preferences, all of these strains are high in quality, world-famous and are known for producing amazing yields indoors.
This strain is known as the evolution of the famous Thin Mint GSC strain. It comes from a combination between a GSC and a Grape Pie, both strains which are known for their intense aromas and large yields. The resulting plant produces highly compact flowers that are beautiful, in lime green colors and small hints of purple, which makes the resin look even whiter. Its effect is potent and physically relaxing, and its flavor will absolutely take over your mouth. Its aroma is incredibly similar to any and every dessert you’ve ever had; it’s incredibly sweet and will have you drooling before it’s even ready to smoke.

This amazing strain was bred by the OG breeders at Barney’s Farm. It comes from a combination between a potent Larry OG and a deep, dark Green Daddy Purple. It’s considered one of the best aromatic combinations in cannabis to date. Its aroma is a combination between apple pie and blueberry – absolutely delicious. This may vary depending on the phenotype, but you’re still guaranteed a sturdy and quality cannabis plant. Its effect is super intense, which, when combined with its aroma, makes it one of the most complete cannabis strains around right now.

What are the best indoor cannabis seeds for this 2019/2020 season? Read on to find out which strains are the most reliable and productive indoors.

Yield: about 19 ounces per square meter.

Yield: 18 ounces per square meter
Yield: about 15 to 19 ounces per square meter

Effects: The effect is immediate making your body numb and wanting to just laze around. Together with this total relaxation is the feeling of euphoria. Some also reported that they remain creative and focus as well.
Aroma: It can be a bit stinky. The aroma is a mix of cheesy and fruity scents
Aroma: The aroma is sweet, earthy and fruity like blueberry.
Effects: The effect is quick and fast. Your mind and body relax almost immediately. Couchlock is unavoidable as you feel yourself getting tired and sleepy at the same time.
Aroma: Sandalwood and tropical fruit

Growth: White Widow takes about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time. Its preferred temperature is 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it likes warm temperatures, it can also be cultivated in colder climates. This plant requires a lot of pruning during its first two weeks and is mold resistant. It is recommended to be grown in soil or hydro medium. It has 20% THC levels and 0.20% CBD levels.

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