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best games to play while high

There are other Katamari games, but I haven’t played them. The most recent one is a mobile game called Amazing Katamari Damacy, which got significantly worse reviews than its namesake. – BM

Your dad, the King of the Cosmos, destroyed all the stars and constellations, and now you’ve got to clean up his mess by rolling thousands of objects into bigger and bigger balls. Reach critical mass, and you can replace the stars. That’s the out-there-as-fuck premise of Katamari Damacy, one of the trippiest and most satisfying games of all time. It requires critical thinking and adaptation, but isn’t competitive or dark, and is easy on the reflexes.
Your favorite video game probably isn’t on this list. Waluigi will not be mentioned beyond this paragraph, and getting a Hollywood adaptation doesn’t cut it here. As with sci-fi, anime, and really any kind of entertainment, the difference between a good video game and a good video game to play high is huge. A terrible game to play sober can be excellent on drugs, and a game that’s amazing when you’re sharp and clear-headed can be irritatingly difficult after a couple of bong rips.

A puzzle game so challenging that having highdeas will probably actually help you think outside the box. I kept finding environmental puzzles everywhere, in the real world, for months after I finished this one. – NC
More than that, the gameplay is an absolute joy. It combines the best of JRPG style movement, with absolutely massive swords or hammers, and a hovering companion bot that can shoot bullets or missiles. It’s a bullet hell that never feels like drudgery.
This game about flying to the center of the universe and discovering a bunch of alien life forms along the way famously didn’t live up to the hype. But it just got an update and HOT DAMN LOOK AT THIS GAME IT’S STILL SO BEAUTIFUL. Just play when you’re too blitzed to need a plot. – BM
This dad dating simulator is one of the best point and click storybook games I’ve ever played. You and your daughter move to the town of Maple Bay, where you find that all of the people in your neighborhood are also single, dateable dads. There are seven, they are all hot in their own way. There is no way to lose. – NC
The best one is Chicken Dreams, in which you choose Franklin for his ability to slow down time. You locate and hijack a semi at the Cluckin’ Bell Farms. Make sure to have some C-4 in your inventory, turn on the country radio station, and drive toward the city as fast as you can. Toss explosives out the window to get police on your tail until you have three stars. Just before you hit the bridge crossing the river, go into slow mo mode and turn to lead the cops up the mountain. If you’re lucky, “Convoy” by CW McCall will be playing on the radio. Follow the road until you hit a tunnel. On the other side, head straight to careen off the mountain. Set the camera to slow mo and watch the torrent of police cars and the Cluckin’ Bell truck rain down from the sky. Every time you achieve a Chicken Dream, you’ll notice different details. Imagine the feelings of the chickens inside the trailer. Imagine what the officers will tell their families when they get home tonight. If you land the truck, drive away unscathed, and lose the cops near the Salton Sea, you have achieved the perfect Chicken Dream. – BM

That said, there are countless compelling, visually stunning, surreal, immersive, thought-provoking, highdea-friendly video games out there, and it would be impossible to include them all. But every title here is a good wave to ride.

Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list.