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best flowers to grow in portland oregon

Best flowers to grow in portland oregon

I love, love, love, sunflowers! They are the one annual that makes the summer list because in my mind it’s just not summer without some sunflowers somewhere, right?

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Also, breeders have come out with nicer-behaved varieties now, including some that are shorter and even ground-cover-like. These include non-invasive dark pink ‘Miss Molly‘ and the ‘Lo & Behold’ series with blue, white, pink, or purple blossoms.

The flowers of spring beckon us with their show after months of rain, snow, and gray days – they get our hearts revving up for sure. And the flowers of fall with their rich colors and promise of extending our gardening season definitely have a place, too.
What will I grow instead? The Easy Elegance line of roses that were bred to need no chemical treatments like this pretty pink variety and Knockout landscape roses that do not need deadheading and bloom prolifically throughout the entire season.
But summer flowers? They get us through the summer doldrums – when we think it’s too hot and nothing outside can tempt us. Oh, but they can. Flowers that power through the summertime help us continue to feel excited about our yards and gardens, allowing us those sweet memories of watering or clipping off spent blooms in the early morning coolness.
I grow classic sunflowers, too, the kind that you can harvest the black seeds from for the birds. I just plant these seeds in the ground in spring and they do the rest of the work by themselves with just water from me when needed.
Here are seven of my favorite summer flowers that also happen to be fairly easy to grow. If you grow a few of these, you will have a beautiful yard AND flowers to cut and bring inside with only basic maintenance from you!

If you plant the right kind of rose, it can bloom for you spring, summer, and fall. If it’s a landscape rose, you may not even have to deadhead them except to clip blooms for vases. I love a pretty rose, but some are too high-maintenance for me, so if you’re like me make sure to do your research before planting and get one that blooms prolifically, is disease-resistant, and pretty much takes care of itself.

7 east-to-grow favorite summer flowers to have a beautiful yard AND flowers to cut and bring inside with only basic maintenance from you.