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best clear rolling papers

Best clear rolling papers

These C-Thru Joint Wraps stand out because they’re blunt sized, so you can pack a lot more bud in each joint. These are perfect for rolling a giant transparent blunt.

Everyone loves transparency. Especially stoners. Now, you can even roll transparent joints.
Customers say this does not impact the flavor of these papers.

They’re also 100% biodegradable.
These aLeda Transparent Rolling Papers are much thinner than other similar papers. Made of 100% natural cellulose film, these are completely biodegradable.
If you use all 1200 wraps, call us. You may have a see-through blunt problem
Clear rolling papers make for great party tricks — and awesome stoner gifts.
The Cyclones Pre-Roll Cones stand out because you don’t need any rolling skills to use them. They are not actually rolling papers — they’re cones. The hard work of rolling is already done. You just grind your herb and stuff it into the cone, then twist the top. You’rea ready!

Customers love these! Get ready for smoking blunts that look like they’re made from glass.

Everyone loves transparency. Especially stoners. For more clarity in your life, discover the best clear rolling papers available now.