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best cheese strain

Best cheese strain

It’s smart to cook a solid meal before inhaling Big Buddha Cheese, as this will allow the crisps, donuts, and sugar-filled delicacies to be avoided. It’s a relatively potent strain, inducing strong

The story of Cheese spans back to the UK’s underground Skunk plantations where breeders were selecting and stabilizing the most pungent and high-quality Skunks available.
Here, we present the top 10 Cheese strains. Let’s dive into the dank fondue and embrace the cheesiest Cheese on the market.

This cheesy plant is a must. Blue Cheese is a mix of Blueberry and Cheese genetics. The flavors are reminiscent of blueberry cheesecakes created by the top pastry chefs in the world.
The spicy and mature cheese aromas ooze from this strain, reminding us of those fancy cheese plates provided at wine tasting escapades. This award-winning Cheese specimen won several Cannabis Cups in Spain, where it flourishes under the Iberian sun.
The effects are very low-key, meditative, and relaxing. If you’re into yoga, meditation, incense sticks, Tibetan bowls and chimes, Blue Cheese can elevate your meditative endeavors to the next level.
After many years of meticulous breeding, Cheese varieties rose to the surface with their cheese-like aromas and flavors. For a strain to be considered a true Cheese, it must comprise Skunk genetics.
Let us present Big Buddha Cheese; winner of the HTCC in 2006, this indica-dominant excellence is a tried and true super-cheesy strain.

It’s a relatively medium-sized plant, but the dense nugs become quite heavy. As such, they’ll need some kind of string support. If you’re new to Cheese strains, Chiesel will provide the ultimate guide to the Cheese world.

The best Cheese strains at your service. Here, you'll discover the ultimate list of the top Cheese cannabis strains on the market. Check them out.

One strain to think about would be Blues by UGORG (not sure if i can post this so here goes)
Blues is another Uk clone only which UGORG crossed with his Killer skunk and a lot of dudes always go on about how his Blues is nicer than the Cheese if you can’t get the clone with the same type o high but a nicer taste and better growth.

Edit: I am running a Super Cheese Auto right now I got as an Attitude freebie and it smells very sweet not really cheesy
I’ve also ran the Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s and i had two pheno’s one pineapple leaning pheno and the Cheesey pheno ^ and it was pretty cheesey with similar growth. so enjoy Blazin

Exodus Cheese from Greenhouse is as close to the original as a dog to a cat. They sell seeds not quality strains at Greenhouse.
Blue cheese. Mmmmm. If u want cheese, with a nice hint of sweetness, then the best cheese strain I have grown or tried would be Blue Cheese from Barneys farm. The picture they use doesn’t do it justice, cuz it came out looking more like the Blue Cheese from Big Buddha seeds. It’s a small plant, so best bet is to veg big because of its little to no stretch
I personaly used to keep an Exy clone back around 03-08/9 and closest Ive ever ad from seed (Quality-stone wise) was actualy ^^^^ Barnies Blue cheese.
I’m looking for some Cheese. I want a descent buzz of course, but smell and mostly taste are what I’m after. I want the one that give the most cheese smell and flavor. Just best flavor, if the one with the best flavor, isn’t the best smell too. I was looking for the original. Just assuming it would be the cheesiest. Is the real original(or as close as possible) UK Cheese, Exodus Cheese, or just Cheese from a certain breeder/company ? Then I came across Super Cheese by Positronic. From the descriptions I’ve read, that sounds like what I’m looking for. I know how sales descriptions can be though. The ones in this vid at about 40 seconds, are pretty too. Any Cheese experts out there, that can point me to the cheesiest ? lol
Plus who is making the “This is better than that cheese, Have they tried TRUE exy Clone?”

I see DR Rockster claiming that he could have his Cheese#1 (kaliman seeds) tested geneticly to his Cheese clone (easy just change all your mums -dads)

I'm looking for some Cheese. I want a descent buzz of course, but smell and mostly taste are what I'm after. I want the one that give the most cheese smell…