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best cannabis strain for sleep

A-10 is an indica strain with a high THC and CBD content. It’s known for its ability to fight chronic pain, reduce anxiety and numb migraines. Its high THC content makes it helpful in eliminating sleeping problems. Meanwhile, A-10’s high CBD content also helps people stay asleep while balancing out any psychoactivity from the high levels of THC. A-10 is known for its long-lasting potency, which helps promote a good night’s sleep.

Cookie Jar is a hybrid of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG. This marijuana strain may help with anxiety and headaches, but it’s best known for its full body relaxation effects. For this reason, Cookie Jar is a great choice for those suffering with insomnia.
However, if you’re having trouble sleeping due to anxiety, cannabidiol (CBD) may do a better job of helping with your insomnia. Regular use of a high CBD cannabis product, or at least including some CBD to balance out the psychoactive effects of THC, will be more helpful in bringing an end to sleepless nights.

As well, the method of administration and ingestion is an important factor to consider when seeking relief for your insomnia. Marijuana edibles take effect much more slowly since they first need to be digested and then processed through the liver; this makes them effective at helping people stay asleep. In contrast, vaporizing or smoking cannabis produces faster effects that could help people fall asleep more quickly. Here are some of the best marijuana strains for insomnia relief.
Meanwhile, cannabinol (CBN), a lesser known cannabinoid, is five times more sedating than THC, so it’s something you may want to look for to help you get a good night’s sleep.
Because everyone has a unique biochemistry and endocannabinoid system, cannabis will work differently from individual to individual. This means you’ll need to experiment with a few strains to see what works best for you. It’s also important to consider the right balance between the levels of THC and CBD, keeping in mind many strains have almost no CBD.
Insomnia can also be due to engaging in late-night activities that cause spikes in adrenaline such as exercising after work. As well, drinking caffeine in the late afternoon or evening can be a potential cause of insomnia as can working, watching TV or eating in bed. And traveling across time zones or simply having an erratic sleep-wake cycle can cause insomnia.
This strain is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that’s a mix of Hawaiian and Purple Kush. Hawaiian Purple Kush has about 15% THC with low levels of CBD. It’s known for promoting muscle relaxation and having pain-relieving qualities. Hawaiian Purple Kush’s ability to induce an overall relaxed state makes it a good choice in helping with insomnia.

If your insomnia can be resolved simply by adjusting your bedtime routine, then by all means, make those changes. However, if you’re suffering from insomnia due to other issues such as pain, depression, stress or anxiety, then marijuana can help. A 1973 study published in Human Pharmacology found that [subjects had a significant decrease in the amount of time it took them to fall asleep when given THC]( page-1). Meanwhile, a 1981 study also found that when patients with insomnia took a 160 mg dose of CBD, the length in which they were able to sleep increased compared to those who took a placebo.

Finding the best strain of marijuana to help ease your insomnia is based a lot on what the cause of your sleeping problems are. The causes of insomnia can be rooted in a variety of different psychiatric or medical conditions, unhealthy sleep habits or other biological factors. Insomnia can be caused by issues such as a

Best cannabis strain for sleep

If you can read the term “Christmas tree-flavored candy” without recoiling in horror, you should enjoy the flavor of Northern Lights, which honestly has a sweet pine flavor. There are also floral notes, a bit of earthy goodness, and some lavender taste. It’s not at all a conventionally yummy profile, but it isn’t bad to use at all. It grows on you.

Using this strain won’t put you front row for experiencing Aurora Borealis, but it can absolutely make you feel like you are in Norway scanning the stars while you snuggle up in a warm woolen blanket. This is strong stuff. The 95 percent indica strain has a crazy THC composition that can be as much as 33 percent, which is considerably higher than most strains. It won’t take more than a couple of hits before dopey numbness sets in and the dial gets turned way up on happiness and a sense of comfort. Be very careful about returning to the pipe or vaporizer because too much of this can kick in some paranoia and anxiety that will not be helpful in sleeping like a log or sleeping like a baby or sleeping like a baby log.
Like a camping trip, this strain’s flavor profile is earthy and woody with a lot of pine. There is a bit of a citrus tang that rounds things out well. Who doesn’t like things a little sweet and dirty?

When it comes to using weed as a sedative, Purple Kush is one of the most popular strains around. A 100 percent indica variety, it can have a THC composition as high as 27 percent. That means serious relaxation. Users enjoy it in part because they find there is no initial head high that they need to wait out before the body relaxation sets in. Nope. There is an immediate physical ease complemented by a dazed sense of complete wellbeing. It’s great at knocking anxiety, depression, and pain on their asses, too. Expect to fall asleep with a content mind and a smile on your face.
Gorilla Glue is a cross between Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, and it is so, so delicious. The Chocolate Diesel influence makes this weed smell and taste like cocoa and coffee. Be prepared for those flavors to be followed by a sour diesel taste that lingers. There are earthy pine notes as well.
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Sleep is important. There are dozens of studies indicating that it leads to better health. It can also be deeply pleasurable — who doesn’t like to feel cozy? But at least 30% of adults can’t enjoy these benefits. For a variety of reasons, many of us spend each night working through every position we can comfortably contort our bodies into, with no shut-eye to show for it. Our eyes are red with exhaustion but the minute we lie down and close them our minds begin working through a list of stressors and fears.
When the creators of Ace of Spaces designed the strain, they crossed Black Cherry Soda with Jack the Ripper as a way of making weed that was a bit sweet and sour. It worked. It also created a 60 percent indica leaning hybrid with a THC composition as high as 20 percent. Because it is both an indica and a sativa, the high affects both body and mind, but it certainly leans toward the physical. Along with intense relaxation, the effects also include a euphoria that can cause giggle fits, so users should be prepared for intense happiness before sleep arrives. This joy is especially beneficial for people whose sleeplessness has led to anxiety about going to bed. It makes the time between smoking and snoring feel safe and pleasant.

The film L.A. Confidential was a winner at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. And the strain L.A. Confidential was similarly lauded, including the award High Times Strain of the Year in 2006. Where the two part ways is that the weed will make you fall asleep, and the movie will not. Ideally. As a pure indica strain with a THC composition that can be as high as 26 percent, the L.A. Confidential will numb the body and trigger waves of relaxation that roll gently across a user’s muscles. Most folks find themselves asleep after an hour or two, so this strain does need to be used with a head start. Don’t wait too long and find yourself smoking more and more to bring on immediate sleep. You will end up with a headache and a heaping helping of anxiety.

Whether the problem is falling asleep or staying asleep, these weed strains offer a safe and fun solution.