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best autoflower strains

Best autoflower strains

Another Cali sensation, Girl Scout Cookies has taken the world by storm, becoming popular in countries where they don’t know a ‘Thin Mint’ from a ‘Tagalong.’

The strong effects pair well with Rhino Ryder’s tendency to grow short and wide. It’s the perfect plant for those the Cali medical feel but have limited space or need to keep things discreet.
There’s nothing quite like CBD Crack. The effects you’ll feel from this strain are like no other. It’s signature 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD produces a relaxing, mellow high like you’ve never felt before. CBD Crack’s friendly effects pair well with its short stature and typically short growing time that make it ideal for growing indoors. It’s not overwhelming, you won’t get couch lock, you’re not going to tell your friends. “I’m soooo high duuude. ” five times in a row. But you will enjoy it, and come back for more. We promise you that.

Our shortest strain is perfect for space-restricted grow environments and it’s an indica powerhouse as well. When you hear old hippies complaining that, “weed these days is just too damn strong,” they’re talking about Rhino Ryder.
Fast Buds fans have turned our Gorilla Glue Auto into an international sensation. This top-selling strain grows dense, resinous buds coated in white, sticky, and surprisingly strong resin, hence the name.
While on the larger side, Gorilla Glue thrives under all kinds of indoor lighting. This strain gives off a delicious piney flavor when smoked, and produces a social if somewhat sedating buzz, that’s perfect for chilling with friends or alone. With a THC level of up to 24%, Gorilla Glue offers the best bang for the buck if you’re looking to produce strong bud fast.
Consistency is GSC’s super power. No matter your indoor setup, this strain produces impressive buds and a functional, yet giddy, euphoria perfect for good times with friends and family. It’s a low-maintenance strain that’s easy to grow. That’s not to mention its potency. At 22% THC, it’s easy to see why Girl Scout Cookies is one of Fast Buds’ most popular strains.
Is anybody else ever amazed at the technology, innovation, and resilience it takes to grow good marijuana indoors? Prohibition is the mother of invention it seems. Whether you’re growing indoors in order to keep things discreet, or you just don’t have a garden to plant seeds, we’re running down the five best autoflower strains to grow indoors.

This is a cross between two MMJ legends, White Rhino and Medicine Man. Both parents have been perennial favorites in California dispensaries for ages, and are known for their stereotypical indica high, and Rhino Ryder continues the tradition.

Is anybody else ever amazed at the technology, innovation, and resilience it takes to grow good marijuana indoors? Prohibition is the mother of invention it see

Best autoflower strains

Since it’s established that THC increases the dopamine production in the body, it’s easy to discern how cannabis is indirectly responsible for motivating you. Of course, the levels of dopamine may diminish for long-term users since the body stops producing dopamine when external factors are making up for it. However, dopamine levels will return back to normal if you take a break from cannabis.

Most strains that are Indica-dominant will produce a body buzz that will increase the urge to sleep. And it’s exactly why they are used to cure insomnia too. On the other hand, Sativas are known to increase creativity. Many Sativa strains are also “wake-and-bake” strains that don’t hinder your productivity even if you smoke them the first thing in the morning.
Basically, the striatum located in the human brain can throw some light on such questions. It connects your actions to rewards. Just think about the number of times you felt good after great sex or how you squealed in delight after stealing some candies as a kid. That’s dopamine for you. In simple words, the striatum helps you remember the rewards you received when you performed a particular action.

The Green Crack Auto is a beautiful strain that tastes like mangoes. It’s a strain that can be enjoyed just as you wake up in the mornings. Truth be told, it’s like having a mango smoothie blended with magic pills that force you out of your slumber.
So why do I feel the need to sleep as soon as I smoke, you complain? Well, it’s all in the strain, dear reader. If you consume or smoke a strain like the Blackberry that can paste you to the bed, you can’t really blame cannabis because it’s doing exactly what it’s meant to do. It’s akin to consuming sleeping pills only to later complain that you weren’t intending to sleep!
In short, cannabis doesn’t reduce motivation or productivity. On the contrary, many users including Seth Rogen state that it boosts their creativity. So, rather than relying on rumors, stick to your personal experience. Does cannabis make you sleepy? Then it’s time to change the strain. Does it make you groggy? Then choose Sativa strains! As simple as that.
For as long as I can remember, cannabis has always been associated with laziness. People are quick to assume and don’t hesitate to spread rumors indicating that it reduces motivation, decreases creativity and blah, blah, blah. Remember the time your friends laughed at you, calling you a lazy stoner no matter how agile or creative you were?
The best way to find an ideal strain that works is to experiment. Try different strains with different levels of THC and your body will guide you to the one that’s simply perfect for you. Here are a few autoflower strains that can help you focus and increase productivity as well.

No matter how much you argue that cannabis actually motivates you, nobody listens. Scientists even name it as the Amotivational Syndrome where your energy levels are completely zapped. But, as a cannabis user, you know that it’s just not true. To understand whether cannabis is really the culprit, you need to study the brain.

For as long as I can remember, cannabis has always been associated with laziness. People are quick to assume and don’t hesitate to spread rumors indicatin