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best autoflower strains 2015

Best autoflower strains 2015

One of the most damaging things you can do to your plant is over watering. The roots will become suffocated and will be unable to draw nutrients to the plant. A common mistake a beginner makes is to over water. If a cannabis plant is over watered then its growth will be stunted. Often a beginner will take this as a sign that the plant is not growing… and give it more water and nutrients (which is a bit like holding a drowning man under the water some more!)

From sweet sativas like our Auto Jack (Jack Herer/White Widow cross) and Auto Acid (a paradise take on the Diesel strain) to the compact Indica power of Pandora (in the tradition of Afghan and Sensi Star) and Auto White Berry (fast from start to finish) and the medical qualities of vertigo (resinous and ready in 60 days), there is an auto in our collection with your name on it!
Note: It is important that your roots have period of relative dryness, before getting a new watering – the tap root will follow the water level down and spread its roots as a result.

Of course, harvesting later in the year brings its own problems – notably mould – but a well ventilated greenhouse should help.
It is debatable about whether these techniques will make a significant difference to the yields of your cannabis plants due to the short lifecycle of an autoflowering plant. Beginners should avoid these techniques and just let the plant follow its own way.
When your Paradise Seeds package of cannabis seeds arrives, make sure you store them right. Yes, they are sealed, but like any seed they do not like fluctuations in temperature or high humidity. Ideally, store them in a fridge or a cool drawer or cupboard.
At Paradise Seeds we were one of the first companies to bring autoflowering strains to the market and we have been working on ways to improve quality and yield with each new generation. With flowering times of 60-75 days inside and 65 to 80 days outside, we have plants to cater for all tastes!
If we return to our basic guidelines, you will see that with a little bit of planning you can stagger the sowing of your cannabis seeds to produce more harvests:

You may have heard of these terms which are often used to encourage growth and increase yield.

Autoflowering The trick with autoflowering cannabis plants is to appreciate them for what they are… and not criticize them for what they are not! Autoflowers are cannabis plants that have

Best autoflower strains 2015

High Mass ASB by Xtreme Seeds, the new generation of auto strains

Solodiol Auto, an automatic CBD-rich strain by Elite Seeds
Red Poison by Sweet Seeds, a true purple beauty in your garden

The effect is body relaxing, typical of Indica strains, while the flavour is sweet and fruity.
A true CBD concentrate in autoflowering form. For those looking for an auto, CBD plant, Elite Seeds Solodiol Auto is doubtless one of the first strains they should try.
The smell and taste are unique, a subtle blend of ripe red fruits with spicy and cheese notes, truly complex and long lasting. The effect is body relaxing but creative and motivating, ideal for artistic activities.
The quality of autoflowering (also known as automatic or simply auto) genetics have been greatly improved over the past years. Today, cannabis breeders develop top quality auto versions of some of the most acclaimed photoperiod varieties, so this type of genetics is being increasingly used by many growers.
An explosion of colour in your garden! Red Poison is an autoflowering hybrid developed by Sweet Seeds between their acclaimed Green Poison and an auto plant from the Hindu Kush area which produces 80% of purple plants.

One of the most sough-after American genetics in your grow! Fast Buds specialises in developing auto versions of some of the most coveted strains from the USA. With Cream Cookies, they offer you the possibility to grow one of the most demanded strains in American dispensaries at home and in auto form.

It is the prefect time to start growing autoflowering strains and obtain your reward right before summer…In this article you’ll find some of the mos