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best autoflower 2016

Best autoflower 2016

All over the world, the Haze varieties of cannabis have many fans who love them for their taste, flavour, and uplifting high. Growing them, on the other hand, can sometimes be challenging due to their very long flowering period and large size. Royal Haze Automatic overcomes these issues, offering fast growing times, small size, and the same fresh flavour and uplifting high that has become the hallmark of a good Haze strain. She is a cross between the famed Amnesia Haze and Skunk, further paired with ruderalis to create one of the ultimate auto strains. Going from seed to harvest in 10-12 weeks, Royal Haze Automatic is a highly resilient and easy to grow strain, making her ideal for novice growers.

AK-47 is a true classic strain that most connoisseurs and growers will likely have heard of already. She combines the best genetic of Colombian, Afghani, Mexican and Thai heritage into a Sativa that has attained legendary status due to its powerful high and exceptional yields. Royal AK Automatic builds upon this world-class heritage, offering the same power but in an easy to manage auto package. She grows up to around 100cm in height, going from seed to harvest in roughly 10 weeks, and producing very generous yields of up to 160g/plant. It all comes together into a very special beauty that can be grown multiple times before the frosts set in!
Northern Light was bred in the 70s and found its way to Europe in the 80s. Due to its fantastic qualities, it didn’t take long and Northern Light became one of the most popular and well-known cannabis strains around. Northern Light is a favourite for many, due to her sweet taste and pleasant high. Growers love the strain for her short flowering time, robustness, manageable size, and enormous yields. The autoflowering variety of Northern Light makes it even easier for growers to enjoy what Northern Light has to offer. The taste and high remain the same as the original, with a yield that is unmatched among autoflowering strains. Northern Light Automatic is an all-around fabulous strain that surely deserves a spot as one of the best indica varieties of autoflowering cannabis seeds available.

Royal Creamatic is one of the fastest strains here at Royal Queen Seeds, offering fast turnarounds of some connoisseur quality bud. What makes Royal Creamatic stand out is her unique sweet flavour that combines honey and caramel into a mouth-watering aroma. When used, Royal Creamatic induces a smooth and relaxing body stone, helping ease the day away. However, what really draws people to her is her lightning quick times, going from seed to harvest in as little as 7-8 weeks! It is a pretty impressive time that can ensure a personal stash never runs out when grown all-year around!
Quick One was one of the first ever autoflowering strains to feature in our catalogue, and still stands with the best of them thanks to her fast growth and relaxing effects. Those growing in small spaces, or who need a stealthy profile will find her appealing, thanks to her manageable height of 50-60cm. Despite her unassuming size, she can still yield up to 150g per plant and in some cases even more. She goes from seed to harvest in a short 8-9 weeks, so there is hardly any wait at all until you can harvest plenty of resin-covered bud packed full of refreshing, herbal aromas. If you want great bud, and want it fast, Quick One is an ideal choice.
At Royal Queen Seeds, we are proud of every strain we create. A lot of love goes into each one. Yet, we often get asked what we recommend. All our seeds are worth trying out, but these are the ones you don’t want to miss in 2016. Since personal likes and tastes often differ when it comes to cannabis, the list is in no particular order. To help you find your own favourite seeds, we have placed them accordingly in categories for indicas, sativas, great yielding, and fast flowering. So check out our list of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds of 2016 below!
Royal Bluematic’s brings us the awesome berry flavour and aroma of the popular Blueberry strain, but in an autoflowering variety that everyone can grow. She perfectly combines the genetics from the Blue Family with those of classics from Thailand and Afghanistan. She is an easy-to-grow plant that reaches medium heights – making her suitable for any growing environment. From seed to harvest, she only needs 8 to 9 weeks. Connoisseurs love her delightfully sweet smell and her signature blueberry taste. Royal Bluematic’s high is equally pleasant – very smooth with a relaxing stone. With such grand qualities, Royal Bluematic is without a doubt a very satisfying and well-rounded autoflowering strain.
As the name suggests, Amnesia Haze Automatic is the autoflowering version of Amnesia Haze – a classic sativa strain. She produces the same deliciously sweet and spicy taste as the original, and induces the same sought after skyrocketing high. However, unlike the original, Amnesia Haze Automatic doesn’t require 12-20 weeks to flower – going from seed to harvest in roughly 10 weeks! Likewise, the staggering height Sativas sometimes reach can also be an issue for some. Amnesia Haze Automatic has overcome all those problems thanks to her autoflowering genetics, remaining manageably compact. She is a great strain that gives you all of what made Amnesia Haze so popular, but as an effortless and easy-growing autoflowering variety.

What are the best autoflowering cannabis seeds of 2016? Find out about the seeds that stand out and the reasons why we recommend them.

Here is a list of our favourite autoflowering seeds for 2016. All of them have something great to offer, so be sure to give them a go!

Best autoflower 2016

Auto Glueberry OG can exceed a metre in height in optimum conditions and can yield several hundred grams of dried buds when grown in hydroponic systems by skilled growers. Extensive side branches mean that this is a one of the highest yielding autoflower strains, especially when grown with generous levels of lighting. She is a real hash plant, with resin layered on her buds and leaves. Brush your clothes against this variety in the grow room and you will notice the penetrating, heavy rich aroma.

Your personal favourite autoflower seed strain will depend on your own endo cannabinoid system. It will also be influenced by your preference for indica vs sativa, and whether you like your buds THC rich or with some CBD in them. So don’t be too surprised if the Dutch Passion top-5 auto list doesn’t contain your favourite. But the following 5 autoflower strains represent some of Dutch Passion’s finest autoflower breeding projects so far.
Anyone wanting to grow a heavy yielding super autoflower strain needs look no further than Auto Ultimate. This is the best autoflower strain for those looking for the very heaviest yields and don’t mind waiting 12-15 weeks for this auto to complete its unusually long life cycle. It’s unusual for an autoflower strain to take up to 15 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. However, with these very special super autoflower genetics the result is a unique XXL harvest of highly potent THC rich buds.

Auto Orange Bud is one of Dutch Passion’s best autoflower seeds for growers who have grown tired of bland cannabis with average potency and poor taste. She is ready to harvest around 11 weeks after germination and is usually around a metre tall with heavy harvests of sticky citrus scented buds. Anyone who loves a quality sativa autoflower strain should try Auto Orange Buds. The high is strongly psychoactive with a soaring cerebral high, great for creative pastimes or hobbies.
Whichever autoflower seeds you decide to grow next, be sure to enjoy the experience and the harvest! The speed, simplicity and quality of the best autoflower strains make them an irresistible choice for the modern cannabis grower. If you need some proven autoflower strains you will find plenty of suitable options on the Dutch Passion website.
There are plenty more impressive grow reviews with lots of pictures on the Dutch Passion blog site.
Many outdoor auto growers germinate their cannabis seeds indoors and keep the seedlings indoors under artificial light for a couple of weeks. This allows the seedlings to thrive under optimised conditions while they are at their youngest and most vulnerable. With an indoor germination, the auto seedlings can be planted outdoors with a head start. This Dutch Passion guide to outdoor growing contains some useful tips and advice.
Growers often harvest Auto Glueberry OG approximately 11 weeks after germination. But some of the heaviest yielding phenotypes may require an extra couple of weeks. These longer-blooming super autoflower plants will reward the patient grower with some seriously heavy yields.

Auto Orange Bud uses the multi cannabis cup winning genetics from the original Dutch Passion Orange Bud. This is a sativa autoflower strain with a powerful high and a delicious citrus taste. The highly potent and well proven Orange Bud genetics ensure this strong skunk delivers full satisfaction. Auto Orange Bud offers that rare combination of true connoisseur potency with the mouth-wateringly delicious sweet taste of juicy oranges picked fresh from the tree. The skunk genetics ensure that this is easy and straightforward to grow in any medium or grow system.

Read on if you want to know the 5 best autoflower strains for yield, potency and flavour. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have never been this good!