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best apple pipe

If someone ever gives you a Red Delicious to use as a pipe, throw that shit in the trash and slap whoever gave it to you.

Gala apples are the best for a number of reasons. While juicy, they’re not mealy. Mealy is the worst thing an apple pipe can possibly be, as a loose, crumbly texture clogs smoke canals. The Gala’s skin is thin, so it’s easy to make precise holes, while the flesh is strong enough to maintain its structure throughout the process. They don’t brown quickly, and add a faint yet delightful flavor to the experience.
Pink Lady Apples

Fuji Apples
Disclaimer: At this point, I’ve begun to feel uncomfortable with myself in a Law and Order: SVU sort of way. Sitting alone in my apartment, shoving a screwdriver into bleeding fruit named Granny and Pink Lady, smoking out of them, rating their performance with words like juicy and flesh, then posing them for post-mortem prom pics complete with a sparkle blue backdrop like a psycho. Even my dog left the room.
Red Delicious Apples
Though most of what goes on in the shadows around here ranges from sad to scary, the local vagrant scene is killing it with their resurrection of the apple pipe. Aside from hippies and high school kids, this trick is underutilized. Completely biodegradable and tinging smoke with fruit flavor, they’re cheaper than a one-hitter, available wherever food is sold, and great for road trips or any on-the-go situation. Versatile, eco-friendly, accessible, the question becomes, which variety of apple is best suited to be transformed into a pot smoking device? To answer this burning question, we rounded up five common apples, and tested them out. Here are the results, from best to worst.
Gala Apples

Bottom Line:

If someone ever gives you a Red Delicious to use as a pipe, throw that shit in the trash and slap whoever gave it to you.

Best apple pipe

Before you begin, make sure you have all your supplies together in one place. You’ll want:

What’s your favorite way to make a pipe in a pinch? Do you use other fruits or veggies? Share your experiences in the comments below.
Twist off stem of the apple to expose the natural bowl at the top.

For a caramel apple taste:
There are endless ways to create functional pipes from any variety of fruits and vegetables. To help you get by next time you’re in a pinch (or if you just like to MacGyver your paraphernalia), here are five quick steps to turn an apple into a smoking pipe.
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To create a carb on your homemade bowl, keep pushing your tool all the way through the apple from the mouthpiece chamber. This step is optional but recommended since the carb will let air flow through the chambers you’ve made and clear any remaining smoke.
Lastly, it’s time for you to load the cannabis and enjoy smoking out of an apple. Simply pack your bowl where the stem used to be and use like you would any other hand pipe.

Need some strain recommendations for your new apple pipe? Why not try these complementary flavor pairings!

Stuck without a pipe or papers? Learn how to use an apple, or any fruit or vegetable, to make a homemade pipe for your cannabis consumption.