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bentonite detox thc

Bentonite detox thc

So let’s start with the basics.

Using bentonite clay is one of the most reliable THC detoxing methods as you will see in the following article.
The other external way is doing a body wrap. A body wrap has many great benefits; for example, losing weight and getting soft skin. We use the body wrap for detoxing THC and that works well. You can make a do-it-yourself detox wrap with bentonite clay, Epsom salt, olive oil, lemon oil, cotton cloths, wool blanket, and cling wrap. There are obviously many different recipes all around the internet. Just do some research and choose the one which suits you best. The main goal of doing a body wrap is that you sweat a lot. You have to literally sweat out all the toxins including the THC.

THC, called tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main active substance responsible for most of marijuana’s effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical combination that belongs to the group called cannabinoids. It’s a psychoactive substance and therefore forbidden in many countries. Nowadays there are exceptions, for example, the use of THC in medical treatments. You may have heard of the legalization of cannabis in Canada in late 2018. In Canada, at the age of 18, you are now allowed to possess and carry 30 grams of marijuana.
You can use bentonite clay as a spot treatment; for example, as a face mask. If you want to use the external treatment as a THC detox you have to apply the clay to your whole body. The easiest way of doing this is by taking a bentonite clay bath. Just fill up your bathtub with water and scoop a few cups of bentonite clay inside. The amount of clay you should take is dependent on the grade of your THC intoxication. If you are an occasional smoker, you can start with 1-2 cups. If you want that heavy detox, go for 4 cups. The external treatment is not as effective as an internal treatment. I would suggest that you do a clay bath as an additional treatment at least if you want to be sure that you are clean.
Now that you know the absolute basics of THC and have a slight idea about a detox-cure we should go a little deeper. Why should you even think about detoxing? Obviously, the main reason is to pass a drug test. There are plenty of employers who, from time to time, may drug test you. For many of them, a positive drug test is a reason to fire you. If you want to stay with that company and keep your job, you have to detox as fast as possible! For most people, that might be the only reason though there are other reasons such as official police investigations and so on.
You‘re really upset because your employer just announced a “drug-test” for everyone. The problem is that, from time to time, you smoke a little pot, just to have a relaxed weekend. Now you need to do your research on how to save your job by detoxing the THC and the THC metabolisms.
THC detoxing is the process of eliminating THC and removing it from your body. The goal is to not find any trace of THC inside of you. You can prove the consumption of cannabis by investigating the blood of the suspected person. THC and its breakdown products can also be detected inside your hair. There is a certain limit-value named “cut-off”. If you reach the cut-off, you are considered to have tested positive for THC. The problem is that after you‘ve consumed cannabis for one or multiple times there is a substance in you called “THC-Carboxylic-acid”. This breakdown product is detectable for multiple weeks if you don’t do anything to rid your body of it. This is because THC-Carboxylic-acid is highly lipophilic, meaning that it attaches to the fat cells inside of you.

Cannabinoids are found in hemp, so you can extract THC out of the marijuana plants. When you consume Tetrahydrocannabinol it has many effects on the body. THC has an influence on receptors that are connected to nerve cells inside our brain. These nerve cells then release dopamine; creating euphoria. Furthermore, THC can affect how information is processed in the hippocampus. When you are “high”, the awareness of sounds, smells, or other things, such as pain, is completely different or even diminished compared to when you are in your normal state.

You‘re really upset because your employer just announced a "drug-test" for everyone. The problem is that, from time to time, you smoke a little pot,…

Bentonite detox thc

Get Clear On Why

The Quickie Cleanse

Get Sweaty

Fruits. Veggies. Whole Grains. Lean Protein. Low or no sugar, including alcohol, or white flour. You know the drill. Sugar creates great peaks and valleys in your energy, causes inflammation, and highly processed food takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest – energy we need for detoxing the body. High fiber, high water-content foods like watercress, cucumber, broccoli, beets, etc., help in the elimination process – and you can eat more of them without gaining weight.

Exercise is also an excellent habit ‘replacer.’ As Dr. Richard Moss says, “Energy, if unused, becomes morbid.” When people detox in any area of their lives, they often find they have significantly more energy – but don’t know what to do with it. Moderate exercise, or initiating a hobby or project can give you a place to channel and release new energy.

If you’re experiencing some discomfort, or find yourself fantasizing about the next time you’ll get to smoke, or that you are ultra-sensitive to the smell of cannabis, don’t punish yourself. After all, most of us want to cry or punch someone if lunch is 20 minutes late. If cannabis has been a regular or daily part of your life for a while and you suddenly take it away, some negative emotions are bound to arise, and they’re completely valid. Just take a breath and reconnect with your reason for doing the cleanse in the first place.
Bentonite Clay mixed with a little water and eaten as a paste is an excellent way to remove toxins, and is especially useful in absorbing THC metabolites. Bentonite is composed of both negatively and positively charged platelets that once hydrated tend to suck up toxins and hold them until they can be eliminated.

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, triggers the production of histamines and causes blood capillaries to dilate, which then allows more toxins to be eliminated. You might have experienced the rosy ‘skin flush’ associated with taking higher doses of niacin. Usually enlisted for fast detox processes before a drug test, niacin in its ‘flush-free’ form can also be taken in smaller amounts as part of your daily detox routine. Try taking a tablet just before a hard work out and let the sweat pour.

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