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bds seeds

Bds seeds

During the ToT workshop, participants collaborate with each other by using co-facilitation methods and SEED tools, exchanging experiences with colleagues and developing their skills for workshop facilitation. SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors are equipped with toolified business development support approaches catered to the needs of eco-inclusive enterprise refinement and growth.

Our network of SEED BDS+ Advisors are invited to join in ongoing SEED Symposia, Dialogue Fora and external events. Our SEED Symposia and Dialogue Fora provide a platform for key local, national and international stakeholders to collaborate and establish long-term partnerships which realise the transformative potential of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. The upcoming SEED South Africa Symposium 2019 will present the SEED BDS+ Standard process and how the regulation and certification of Business Development Support+ has been streamlined in South Africa. Additionally, BDS+ Advisors are invited to showcase their work as exhibitors in the SEED Enterprise and BDS+ Providers Exhibition.

Next Step: All SEED-trained BDS+ Providers are empowered and encouraged via our digital support network to identify synergies and collaborate with local colleagues.
BDS+ Advisors improve their skills via our Training of Trainers workshop to more effectively deliver tailored Business Development Support+ to diverse eco-inclusive enterprises.
Create BDS+ online platform profile and participate in SEED events.


SEED is a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the inclusive green economy. SEED supports innovative small and growing, locally-driven eco-inclusive enterprises around the globe who integrate social and environmental benefits into their business model from the outset.