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bc northern lights reviews

I’ve been growing in a BCNL Producer for several years and have yet to experience a problem or failure. The lightest harvest was 15oz which occurred before it’s environment was totally dialed in, which is ESSENTIAL with these units. Now the average is 1.2 elbows/cycle with minimal fussing.
I have a bloombox, and I love it! Ya you can get something that does a similar job for less money. But if I lived by that motto I’d be driving a geo metro. That’s not my style. The biggest thing I can see ppl being diapoointed in is the noise. Because there is some. Most if it can be eliminated by replacing the stock air pump with a quite running aquarium pump. Mine actually pushes more air now and the pump is whisper quite. This will cut total noise by half approximately. The fans, and bubbles makes some noise, but not much. It’s mostly the air pump. The water pumps only come on a few minutes a day.
Select your strains wisely. I grow sativas, indicas, and hybrids in the box. When I know I’m going to be dealing with a taller, more vertically assertive strain, I top or FIM early. First week of veg with a well established (rooted) plant is fine.
We’re getting closer to your solution. You can count on me to see it though with you. Have fun!
As for the minimum air flow required for your volume, I’m not the best source for that question as BCNL already had it calculated. However, I’m certain that answer exists in this forum.
One final note on airstones. This may not apply to you as much as I (as I use both beneficial fungii and bacteria), but my airstones get loaded up pretty heavily with slime during 12/12 and it really reduces flow significantly. Every other week I’ll give them a quick wipe with a sterile brush to dislodge the slime. It only takes a minute and once done airflow is restored completely. In 6 years I’ve never experienced a negative consequence to this task.
In the event the pump may not fit within the cabinet confines, it would require very little toil to run one externally and still benefit from their well-reputed low sound levels. In addition, if you’re from the school that believes the stock pumps are underpowered, you could easily overcome that with an Air Force pump of greater volume.
I am new to the forum as well , but have been using the producer for three years. Firstly it does grow very good pot. But stealth?
It is the size of a large restaurant display case but will fit through a regular door. Anybody who sees it is sure to ask what it is! It comes with a carbon filter but in full flower does not do the job. Anyone familiar with the smell will recognize it so mine is kept in my grow room, out of sight. The extra power is about $50/month at my rates.
Ultimately, the noise day to day is of little concern to me. But I’m thinking down the road; family dinners where a relative may find their way to the basement and ask about the humming coming from behind my locked “office”. I did ponder the idea of buying an additional pump, mounting it to the wall near the unit and installing it alongside the stock Eco pump with some sort of a Y and a manifold. That way if I needed it to hush for a few hours I could just bypass the Eco and use the alternate.
Hello I am new to the site and just had a couple of questions about hydroponic systems. I heard that BC Northern Lights was the best System that was out…