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bavarian cream strain

Bavarian cream strain

Bavarian Cream by 1937 Farms (photo by @jeffrey_mccoy)

For many, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of reaching for well-known strains. There’s a certain safety in choosing a bonafide all-star strain like OG Kush, Gelato, Do-Si-Dos, etc…However, there can be an immense satisfaction in exploring strains with different terpene profiles. It serves to see what potential benefits or pleasure may come from a less sweet and more earthy, doughy smell and taste.
After consumption, you may potentially expect an incredible body high accompanied by the notorious relaxation and anxiety reduction that may come from the myrcene and limonene, its most prominent terpenes.

At Everett’s Local Roots location, you can get it in the form of a downright delicious one-gram live resin cartridge for $30.
When browsing your local dispensary, there are a lot of things that can affect the products you choose to purchase. Some people are loyalists to their favorite strains, products, or brands. Some people love the feeling of walking out with something they’ve never tried before. While Local Roots carries many different strains that may surprise you, we’re going to highlight one of our favorites: the Bavarian Cream strain.
The Bavarian Cream strain is a soothing indica with potentially sedative properties to spare. Bavarian Cream combines the refreshing sweetness of Cookies and Cream with the earthy pungency of Grandpa’s Breath.
Local Roots carries a version of the strain cultivated by 1937 Farms, an attentive grow operation based out of the Snoqualmie Valley. 1937 Farms may operate on a smaller scale than some of its competitors, but they believe that this plays to their advantage. With the help of a carefully chosen and intelligent team of experts, the attention to detail exhibited by 1937 Farms gives their products an intimate, hand-crafted quality.
Among these carefully concocted cultivars, Bavarian Cream is a standout that is unfamiliar to most. However, it more than deserves the attention of conscientious cannabis consumers. An indica through and through, Bavarian Cream may best be enjoyed as a nightcap strain. Its rich, sweet aroma hints at its actual taste, which boasts a distinctly piquant nuttiness.

(Featured image via Flickr)

The Piquant Bavarian Cream Strain Is A Sweet And Savory Delight (Featured image via Flickr) When browsing your local dispensary, there are a lot of things that can affect the products you