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bat guano fertilizer safety

Bat guano fertilizer safety

These microbes will break down the dried organic material in your soil and turn it into a source of nutrients for your plants. This will also create a soil texture that will retain moisture without overly saturating your plants’ roots.

Pro Tip: Always make sure to read the instructions on the fertilizer label before using it. Also, if your plants show any sign of distress, immediately stop using guano fertilizer. You don’t want to burn your plants with an overabundance of guano.
So, here’s how you can make this beneficial tea:

Or you could follow this recipe:
Sprinkle guano powder around the base of your growing plant and water it thoroughly. You can also make guano tea and spray it on the leaves of your plant to protect it from fungal diseases.
Gardeners use bat guano as a type of manure fertilizer in their gardens. It helps your plants to thrive and become healthier, stronger, and greener. It also helps considerably with flowering processes.
You can pour it into the soil immediately prior to planting. This will ensure that your garden soil is sufficiently prepared to provide beneficial nutrients to your plants.
Bat guano supplies more than just nutrients to your plants. It also carries beneficial micro-organisms or microbes. Microbes are minuscule single-cell organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The microbes found in bat guano have bioremediation capabilities.

Guano is the excrement of birds that are found near the sea. Bat guano is essentially bat poop harvested from wild insect-eating bats.

Bat guano or bat dung is a fantastic fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Learn how to apply it to your garden here.