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basic smoke tricks

How do you know if you’re following directions properly? By looking in the mirror!

This will create a split that looks like a bow tie and creates two mini-Os.
Bow ties are on this list as something to work towards. This something advanced smoke trick masters usually do.

You may even find yourself doing a few of them out of habit, without realizing at first! It will take a bit of learning to get to this point, though.
Already good at blowing O’s but still can’t master the French inhale? Are all of these smoke tricks new to you?
Again, this trick is about control. You can’t push the smoke out in a traditional exhale because it won’t be concentrated enough and it will go too far away. You want to release a puff of smoke right in front of your face.
Use the guide below to help you go from a newbie vaper to a smoke trick master.
Posted by Slo Co on Mar 1st 2018

That’s why it’s better to watch videos and tutorials from people who really know what they’re doing, then practice on your own before showing your friends.

Trying to learn some new smoke tricks or vape tricks? Well here is a step by step guide to help you along your way.